Digital Library Pedagogy Subgroup: Resource Sharing & Professional Skills Development


3:30pm Central

Call info:


Phone: 202-750-4186 . No PIN needed.

Attendees: Elizabeth, Jessica, Eleanor, Liz

Previous meeting’s notes

  1. Introductions

  1. Collaborative note taking

  1. Environmental Scan
  1. Check the sheet every meeting to make sure it’s all OK
  2. Roadmapping through resources
  1. Review domain areas (working with images; text; copyright; etc), level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  2. Change “levels” for be “good for beginners”
  3. Add disagreements or comments parenthetically (as comments) for discussion at next meeting (ex. Working with data versus data analysis)

  1. Slack Virtual Office Hours
  1. From last meeting: increase participation amongst ourselves and plant questions
  1. Come up with calendar of questions to prompt, for example, “We’re growing our environmental scan; what’s your favorite resource?”
  2. Send reminders to list day before
  1. Mostly core group with a few extra people, different from the Twitter chat participants
  2. Jessica and Liz will write a follow-up blog post, ask for volunteer hosts
  3. Need people to sign up for more weeks

  1. DLF
  1. Working Lunch: This year’s lunch will be an in-person take on our #DLFteach Slack office hours and give participants chances to ask questions, discuss new projects, plan future peer-review sessions, and more. Participants may wish to bring previously developed lesson plans and assignments for peer-review and feedback, though it is not required to attend.
  2. Add Liz to program
  3. Phone call on August 15th at 10 am ET to start discussion
  4. Plug lunch during Slack office hours, especially the Accessibility-themed office hour
  5. Plug during Twitter chat

  1. Announcements?
  1. Push all dates out and see if that helps with participation
  2. Need to set dates for 2018