Report of

“Drawing and Painting competition”

on the occasion of “Gandhi Nirvan Din” (30th January, 2015)

organized by Government of Gujarat, Gujarat State


C.K.Pithawalla College of Engineering & Technology, Surat.

Prepared By: Prof.Ami Tusharkant Choksi

(Coordinator of “Drawing and Painting competition”,  

Faculty coordinator of “Fine Arts” club of CKPCET,


Associate professor, Computer Engineering Department, CKPCET)

  1. Prof. Nirav Umraviya supported students in getting registered.
  2. Dr. Priti Patel mam and her student Mr.Axay Chauhan(4th Civil, student coordinator of “Fine arts” club of CKPCET)
  1. Prof. Diptee N. Kalola (IVth year CO)
  2. Prof. Vivaksha J. Jariwala (IIIrd year CO)
  3. Prof. Saurabh S. Tandel (IInd CO)
  4. Prof. Ami Choksi (Faculty coordinator of the “Drawing Competition”) and my student Mr.Razin Tailor (2nd Computer)
  1. Prof. Vijayendra Desai
  2. Dr. Ninad Bhatt
  1. Prof. Bhadrik Patel
  2. Prof. Mahesh Patel
  3. Prof. Sumit Y Patel
  4. Dr.Vikas Patel sir (In Charge of All Clubs of our college).

1. Yash Trivedi (2nd year Mech)

2. Urvi Butani (2nd year El)

3. Moxanki Bhavsar(4th year ECC)

3. Nikita Patel (4th year CO)