by The Fermentalists



1 cup starter liquid

1 tablespoon green tea (9g)

1/3 cup of honey (125g honey)

250mL hot water

1.25L cold water


2L jar

Measuring cups

1L measuring jug


Cloth for covering Jar


- Brew hot water and tea in a teapot for 10 minutes

- Strain tea into 2L jar

- Add honey and mix until dissolved

- Add cold water to the mixture

- Add jun mother and liquid to tea and honey mix

- Cover jar with cloth, use a rubber band to hold it in place

Once this has been done, allow to ferment. Jun is a fast brewer, taste at 2 days and see if it has reached your desired flavour. If it isn't sour enough for you leave it for another day and taste again. If it is too sour you may have left it for too long, add more honey and ferment for less time on your next brew.

To harvest, use a finger to hold the SCOBY and decant into a jug or another jar, make sure you reserve enough liquid for the next batch. If you want to have a sparkling Jun, pour the liquid into an airtight bottle or jar and seal it, leaving it for another day or two with the lid closed.

Be careful if you do this though, leaving it for too long may result in an explosion.

Repeat the process with the strained SCOBY and starter liquid adding it to a fresh tea/honey solution.

Email info@thefermentalists.com with any questions.