Macedon Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of the April 24, 2017 Meeting

Youth section of Macedon Public Library

Macedon New York



Present: Helen Darrow (President), Stacey Wicksall (Director), Carol Deys, Nancy Simpson (Secretary), Steve Hanrahan (Vice President), Chris Harris (Treasurer), Christina Henley, and June Hamell (Scribe).

Visitor(s): Halin Perera

Absent: Gary Crane (Financial Officer) and Sandy Pagano (Town Board Liaison)


H. Darrow, President, called the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Macedon Public Library to order at 6:40 p.m.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA, MARCH MINUTES, DIRECTOR’S REPORT (PREREAD), ABSTRACT REVIEW: RESOLVED, on motion by S. Hanrahan to approve the above named reports with a second from C. Deys.  Motion carried.  Bullis report and Friends/CRUMPL report were not available.


 DIRECTOR’S REPORT: The Director reported that the our annual report to the community  is available on line; she has submitted grant applications to NASA, Delevan Foundation, and is working on the programming grant from the MPL Friends; she has coordinated printing of referendum postcards and has spoken with several patrons giving them the facts about the referendum; she has attended Wayne County Business council meeting, Chamber of Commerce meetings, Rotary meetings along with a Pioneer Library System meeting; and as a part of programming, she has met with SCORE representatives, hosted jewelry making class, a Kahoot program, a Celtic knot themed art program, and a Memory Lane program.


.APPROVAL OF EXPENDITURES:  RESOLVED, that payment be made of claims 43-55 of Abstract 4-2017 inclusive in the amount of $5,719.80 on a motion by S. Hanrahan and with a second by C. Henley.  Motion carried.


UPDATE ON TOWN LIBRARY FINANCIAL RECONCILLIATION: S. Pagano sent word that she is still working with the designated restricted gifts and to streamline the process of awarding the interest from those accounts.


TOWN LIAISON: S. Pagano (absent)



DIRECTOR EVALUATION: H. Darrow passed out points she gathered for Director, Staff, Board evaluations to be read and commented on for the next meeting.  Both Director and Board evaluations should be done in November. Item tabled for this meeting.



Policy:  H. Darrow reported that the Policy Committee did not meet in April.  Next tentative meeting is Monday, May 8 at 5 p.m.

Trustee recruitment: (H. Darrow) Discussion regarding possibilities and because of individuals going off the board we are looking at a goal of 7 trustees.  N. Simpson’s term ends in December 2017.  C. Deys’ second 3 year term ends in December 2017.  C. Henley’s completion of previous member’s term is ending December 2017. She will continue to serve on a new 3 year term.

H. Darrow, S. Hanrahan, and G. Crane terms end in December 2018.  The need for new board members will be addressed at the next Town Board meeting.







“VOTE ON REFERENDUM” BUTTONS:  RESOLVED, on motion by C. Henley with a second from S. Hanrahan that the Director may spend no more than $100 to purchase buttons for staff , board, and community members to wear.  Motion carried.


ROTATION OF TRUSTEES FOR APPROVAL OF MAY EXPENDITURES:  N. Simpson and S. Hanrahan will come in early to review vouchers before next meeting.


NEW EQUIPMENT: RESOLVED, on motion by S. Hanrahan to purchase a new staff computer for the amount of $480.39 through Pioneer Library System and 2 sets of KEVA Contraptions Planks at $52.99 each with the monies being taken from the Equipment Reserve.  C. Henley seconded the motion and it carried.


READING FROM THE TRUSTEE HANDBOOK: Recommendations from this section were that each trustee have a dedicated notebook containing essential documents.  There was a reminder the emails are subject public scrutiny because of the Freedom of Information Act.  The recommendation is that trustees have a dedicated email account for library business only.



ADJOURNMENT:  RESOLVED, that the meeting adjourn at 7.53 p.m., on motion by C. Deys and second by S. Hanrahan.  Motion carried.  The next meeting will be May 22, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Library.



June Hamell