Microblading aftercare.

On the first day your new brows may be a little tender. This is temporary and should last much passed the first day. Do not apply any product. You may apply a cold compress or ice pack if desired for swelling. Before bed, rinse your brows with filtered water and pat dry.  

On day 2 you can start applying the aftercare balm provided to you. You will want to apply this roughly 4 times a day in a very fine layer. You want to hydrate the brows, but not suffocate them. Use a q-tip and apply sparingly. Not every client will require 4 applications daily. Listen to your body. If your brows feel tight, hydrate them. Continue for at least one week.

Keep brows clean and dry. When showering avoid placing your face in the shower stream and take care when washing your face. If your brows do get wet, pat them dry. Do not wipe your brows. Keep dry one week.

After the first week your new brows will dry out and begin to flake. You will see colored flakes coming off, especially after the shower. This is totally normal. Abstain from picking or scratching the dry skin. This will result in loss of colour. The flakes will come off naturally at your brows heal.

Healing time depends on individual clients skin. Generally, brows take 4 weeks to heal, and the touch up is recommended at 5-6 weeks. A touch up is always necessary, as microblading is a two part process.

Here is a list of things to avoid during the first week:

-Swimming -Saunas -Heavy perspiration -Tanning (includes spray tans) -Any laser or chemical treatments -Products containing retin-a or glycolic acid -Tasks where there might be a lot of airborne debris (like heavy dusting) -Smoking -Drinking