Season 2 Episode 4 - Cells, Planets

Release Date: 2 August 2014

60 minutes 21 seconds

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Thread(s): Astrobiology

Host: James Garrison

Guest Bios

Dr. Steven Dick is currently the Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology.  

He has also been a Historian and Astronomer for the U.S. Naval Observatory.  He has written many articles about the importance of exploration, as well as one of the first scholarly articles on astrobiology.  His website is


Steven Dick

Betül Kacar (pronounced Kah-Jar) is a NASA postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech.

Her research focuses on addressing foundational questions in evolution using a novel combination of tools drawn from phylogenetics, experimental evolution, biochemistry and genomics.

Dr. Kacar’s CV

She is also one of the founders of Social Action for a Grassroots Astrobiology Network, or SAGANet.


Betül Kacar


The Episode and its Subject Matter

Steven Dick’s Website

Steven Dick Named Chair in Astrobiology

The Search for Life in the Universe (David Grinspoon and Steven Dick video)


Betü̈l Kacar Research and Publications

David Grinspoon on his relationship with Carl Sagan

This Episode’s script

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Host: James Garrison

Written and Produced by: Paul Carr and James Garrison

Announcer: Erin Carr