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Crush Event Space Usage Agreement -
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Crush Bar Event Space Usage Agreement updated 12/27/2019 11:53 AM

In consideration for the following covenants, conditions, and promises, the Event Producer, referred to hereafter as ‘Producer’ identified below agrees to use the space to perform/produce an engagement and Crush Bar, referred to hereafter as ‘Venue’ agrees to provide services, under the following terms and conditions:

All communication regarding space usage, promotion, and resource allocation must be directed to:

Space is all-inclusive to all persons 21 and over, and available for a variety of event types who welcome all, including but not limited to dance party with/without DJs, stage performance for both live and recorded music, social meetups and gatherings, stage readings and live drawing events, special occasion parties (e.g. birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, anniversary, engagement, etc.)  Events may be focused on specific community but may not be exclusive to that community.  We neither are structured for the policing of, nor exclusivity for events; nor do we allow it.  Events must adhere to our philosophy of safety, appreciation, and inclusion. Crush’s motto is “all-inclusive, all are welcome”.


Rental fee for event:  NONE

Bar minimum:  none implicit (depending on resources required & length of event, some minimum may apply)

  NEW   Deposit/Clean Up Fee:  

*In some instances, an Event Producer must open an ‘Event Tab’ with a credit or debit card, which will have an Event Deposit of $50 charged if any glitter/feathers/mess are left behind, and additionally there may be compounded clean up time and staff costs applied, starting at $100 base fee.

**In the event of smaller messes, Producer is expected to compensate cleanup staff directly through Promotion Manager or lead Bartender.

WE ARE NOT A MUSIC VENUE. Our sound system is setup for canned digital music. We also do not have an in-house sound person, and Producers would need to bring someone in to staff the soundboard during the show.  Music is digital only, with ⅛" stereo input - either from board, iPod/iPad, laptop, or other digital device.  There is no CD player available.  DJs booked to play in the space should be aware that the DJ booth is smallish, designed for laptop use and has very little room for coffins/full decks.  We recommend visiting the space in advance to confirm you will have enough room for your equipment.  Projector is available to project digital images on the back wall at stage left (16' projection image), from Producer’s laptop using HDMI, VGA, or Apple display adapter for Mac.



Event Timeframes:

Event can be booked as early as 1230pm and events Sunday through Wednesday must end before midnight.  Special advance approval must be obtained to exceed these timeframes.  There is generally a minimum of an hour of reset/setup time for and between events, however that time can be limited to thirty minutes under certain circumstances.


Catering can be handled either a la carte or via custom menu.  With 'a la carte', food/appetizers can be ordered directly from our Catering/Late Night menu in advance. If you are interested in a custom menu experience for your guests (or a per head dinner event), and can provide a set budget total or per head cost, we can create a menu based on your needs, budget, and any dietary restrictions. Both catering options have advance notice requirements:  48 hours for a la carte, seven days for custom menu. There are custom catering options from our kitchen featuring gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.  Please refer to for catering menu and information.



For larger events, an ID checker for the front door will be provided..  If there is a cover for your event, cover and entry is taken in the back room, and that position must be staffed by event Producer.  This allows patrons to utilize the front bar and support the front bar lounge feeling for which we are known.  Cover for events is the only income opportunity for event producers/performers, venue does not hire entertainment.  Producer will be provided with a cash box and a hand stamp or washable marker, Producer is responsible for the cash within.  We are happy to provide change for $1s or $5s.

Recurring Events:

We have many monthly and bi-monthly events at Crush, we work through every possibility to adhere to this schedule but occasional booking needs may mean that there could be adjacent booking.  Crush will notify Producer of this instance with advance notice.  Meetup or social events are a regular happenstance within Crush’s all-inclusive front bar and/or event space.  Due to the fluid nature of attendance and fluctuating business needs, it may be necessary to book another event concurrently; again, with advance notice.  There are a limited number of events which will preempt other bookings, causing rescheduling needs - we will notify Producers as soon as we are aware of this rare instances.  Should a meetup of social event require use of stage, microphone, or include performance; the nature of the event changes and requires notification of the Events Manager, whose presence is required to use/include these elements in the event.

Dressing Room:
Stage show events with performers who need a dressing area may be allowed to use the adjacent business, Woody’s Coffee, after they close, when available.  This space is private, next to backstage entrance, and only accessed by Crush employees.  There is a private restroom with mirrors for pre-show dressing.  The dressing room is a functional business during the daytime and does have several security cameras to monitor safety and liability issues - this digital footage is held for 72 hours before deletion, and no audio is recorded.  There is a list of banned substances/activities from the dressing room:  glitter usage, mylar confetti (paper confetti upon approval), body painting, spray anything
This space is a privilege and performers who violate these rules (located at ) may be banned from performance in the space, and/or incur a fine to the producer of said show.  Producers are required to follow the campsite rule:  LEAVE THE SPACE BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT.  This includes any of these listed if necessary:  wiping down tables, emptying trash cans, returning furniture to its original position, and notifying Crush staff of any other issues (bathroom needs attention, etc).

Liability Waiver:

To the extent permitted by the law, User(s) hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Venue from any and all liability, claims, demands, action and causes of actions whatsoever arising of or related to any loss, damage or injury that may be sustained by User(s), or to any property belonging to User(s), while participating in physical activity, or while on or upon the premises where the event is being conducted.