Preschool Parent Advisory



In attendance:  

Teachers- Kelly Beyer, Kaitlyn Graybill, Teresa Snyder, Allison Shaffer

Headstart- Dusty Olson

Administration- Dan Fox, Barb Sabin, Stacy Marcus

Nurse- Claudia Gillette

Parents- Travis Schueller, Tiffany Lenox                        

Agenda Item


Decisions by Consensus with Parents

Preschool Update

Teachers gave everyone a tour of the room and discussed what a typical day was like.  Parents asked questions about various activities.  Overall parents liked seeing the rooms.

No decision necessary

Preschool Charter

The Preschool Charter was reviewed.

The charter was approved by the parents and staff.  Stacy will add reviewed and the date at the bottom.

Discussed new form for Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences

Kelly Beyer explained how the form they usually go over with parents on the GOLD standards at conferences are not very “parent friendly”.  The teachers created their own form to show exactly where the students are at with meeting the Gold Standards.

Overall the parents liked the new form.  They suggested to use different color of pens for fall and winter conferences to show growth.  

Dusty suggested that with the GOLD Parent Teacher Conferences to look at numerals instead of looking at color bands.  

Parents Ideas during PT conferences of how to help at home.

Set dates for yearly meetings, registration night, and spring family night

It was discussed to have less dates this year during the winter and spring months.  

The following dates have been set for the 2015-2016 school year. PAC meetings will meet at 5:00 in the LMC.

Jan. 20th- PAC

Feb- PT Conferences - Dates TBA

March 16th- PAC at 5:00/ Registration at 6:00

April 20th- Spring Fling

May 4- PAC


The teachers really like having Wednesday afternoons for planning to keep everyone on the same page.

Parents said they liked how it was on Wednesdays to keep it consistent with the early outs.

Prepared by: Dusty Olsen