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Columbia Grove Wedding Policy
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Planning a Wedding with Columbia Grove

    Your wedding can be one of the happiest and holiest days in your life. but even though we want your wedding day to be special, we desire even more that your wedding be the start of a wonderful, lasting life partnership. With that in mind, we've put together this document outlining our hopes and expectations for every couple we marry. It is our hope that this will assist you in your planning. God bless you in your preparations.

Expectation #1 - Premarital Counseling:

    Couple are expected to meet with the pastor for at least four one hour premarital counseling sessions prior to the wedding ceremony. In the event of unusual distance or other constraints, some sessions may be conducted over the phone or other arrangements can be made that provide a rough equivalent. Other Christian premarital preparation programs may also be acceptable in replacement, but these arrangements must be approved by the pastor before ceremony plans are finalized.

Expectation #2 - Responsible Scheduling:

    It is our expectation that couples consider the premarital sessions a high calendar priority. Should there be need to reschedule a prearranged appointment for anything other than emergency reasons, please give at least 24 hour notice. Repeated breaking of appointments without notice may be cause for plans for wedding officiation to be canceled.


Expectation # 3 - Honorarium:

    While we consider marriage preparation and wedding ceremonies to be a ministry, and as such do not charge a set "fee," it is appropriate to provide some compensation for the pastor's time and expenses. A wedding officiated by a Justice of the Peace costs roughly $300. Unlike a Justice of the peace, what we offer also includes premarital counseling and follow up. Please keep this in mind as you consider what you would choose to give.

Expectation #4 - Christian Content:

    We believe that a wedding ceremony is an act of worship - a group of people committing a couple's relationship to God, and asking His blessing on their life together. As such, it is our expectation that the core content of the ceremony be God-oriented in nature, including prayer and the reading of Scripture. While we are happy to customize the ceremony to reflect the personality of the couple, this customization will not be to the detriment of the core content and message of worship.

We understand and agree to the above expectations, and request to have Pastor Andrew Thompson officiate our wedding.

Desired Ceremony Date:_______________________

Signed: __________________________________& __________________________________    Date: ___________


                           Pastor Andrew Thompson

Other Church Wedding Resources That Are Potentially Available:

    While there is no expectation that you hire any church related resources for your wedding, we wanted you to be aware of some resources that are available through our network. Please contact our church office at 884-4001 for more details.