Aaron Klapheck

4/17/05 - rewritten on 9/16/2012

Personal revelation to Aaron for his personal direction.


Atheism in Public Schools


I am here to talk to you about atheism and its increasing presence in public school. Today more than ever, the atmosphere of religious discussion is being discouraged to the point of ridicule in many public schools our children attend. Atheist doctrine got its major support in the 1963 U.S. Supreme Court case Murray vs. Curlett, filed by the atheist Madalyn Murray. This case removed prayer and Bible verse recitation from the public school curriculum.

According to Ellen Johnson, the President of the Atheist Society in America,[1]Atheism has three main goals. These goals are echoed nearly word for word in public school.


To secure our freedom from religion

No one is allowed to say prayer, talk publicly about god, or do anything in any way religious that might offend others in public school.


The complete and absolute separation of church and state

This belief is so ingrained in public education that even most Christians believe it is a founding principle our country was built upon; even though this statement is nowhere mentioned in the constitution. This is because religious principles should influence and dictate government. It is when government starts influencing and dictating religion that problems arise.


To defend the civil rights of atheists

Such as the right to not censor pornography, and the personal liberty to do whatever you think “feels right.” As a side note, this belief of doing whatever “feels right” is the basis for Atheist ethics and is taught by many teachers in our public education system.

We have seen that these three Atheist goals are being taught in public school, next is to the specifics of what Atheism itself teaches. According to Ellen Johnson, Atheism teaches the following.


·         There is no Heavenly Father

·         There is no God to answer prayer

·         There is no hell

·         There is no atonement or salvation by faith

·         There is no chance after death to "do our bit."

·         There is no divine guardian of truth, goodness, beauty, and liberty.


The now, the proven, the physical, is all there ever was, all there ever is, and all there will ever be.

We learn in D&C 18:20 to “[c]ontend against no church, save it be the church of the devil.” If these principles do not outline the church of the devil, I don’t know what would.


                Devil worship is closer to truth and to light than these atheistic teachings. For the devil is desirous for us to think that there is no devil and there is no hell; at least devil worshipers teach that there is a devil and there is a God. The atheistic doctrines, slowly being incorporated into public schools, are, quite literally, against everything members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believe in. It is my belief that if we need to take a stand against this atheistic doctrine being taught to our children. While not practical for everyone, my wife and I have decided to take our children out of the public education system and to homeschool them for their early years. The rate of apostasy for LDS youth is greater than ever before. Something needs to change. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


        It should be noted now that Ellen Johnson was President from 2005 through May 8, 2008 when she was involuntarily removed from her position as President of the American Atheists organization. However, much of her work continues on in the Godless Americans Political Action Committee (GAMPAC).[2]

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