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Trubridge Breaks World Record

July 21, 2016 (kiwikidsnews.co.nz)

New Zealand freedive world champion William Trubridge has broken the world freedive record with a 102-metre dive.

Trubridge achieved the dive at Dean’s Blue Hole which is at Long Island in the Bahamas.

The dive is Truebridge’s 18th world record and comes following his failed 2014 record attempt.

Two years ago he had to pull out of the dive just 10 metres from the surface on the return journey.

His attempt today went much better as he made it to the surface with no issues, completing the attempt without touching a rope or using any form of propulsion assistance.

In May he broke the free immersion dive record of 124 metres, where he used a rope to assist with descent and ascent.

In January 2015, Trubridge announced he had beaten his personal breath-holding record, after lasting nine minutes without breathing.

Highlight the information in the article to help you answer these questions.

Who is the article about?

William Trubridge.

What did he achieve?

Dive at Dean’s hole down for 102-metre dive.

How far did he have to dive to break the world record?

100 metres

Where did the article take place?

Completing the attempt with  out   gear

When did he beat the world record?

Two years ago

Where is William Trubridge from?

New Zealand