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Book Review Blog Post Rubric



First paragraph includes book title, author and genre.



Review introduces the book and provides details about the plot, setting, and characters.



Review includes details such as a favorite part of the book, a personal connection between reader and the story/characters, and a recommendation.



Descriptive word choices are used throughout paragraph.



Sentence structure is complete and varied.



Grammar and punctuation are accurate. (Includes verb tenses, capitalization, commas, quotation marks and apostrophes.)



Revision incorporates teacher’s editorial suggestions.



Student used WordPress tools such as spellcheck, categorization and title to ensure post is presented properly.



Blog was posted on time.


EXTRA CREDIT: Blog contains hypertext and/or images that are relevant to content and enhance overall writing.



4:  Excellent, exceeds expectations

3:  Good; meets expectations

2:  Fair; approaching expectations

1:  Poor; does not meet expectations