In class, we are using the Go Math! program to meet the learning standards.  

Follow the steps below to log in to the Go Math! webpage.  Once there, you can access the e-textbook and other math activities.

  1. Click on the Go Math! link:
  2. Select the following from the drop-down menu:

        a) “State” - choose “Massachusetts”

            b) “District” - “Supervisory Union 31, Kingston 02364”

        c) “School” - “Dennett Elementary School, Plympton 02367”

        d) Check the dialog box: “Remember my school”

e) Enter your username ( and     password (5 digit ID #)

f) Click “log in”

Below are some other links that may assist your understanding of the newer math processes:

Long Division with Partial Quotients

This video shows the steps in doing long division, the partial quotients way!

Multiplication and Division Practice

Practice your multiplication and division facts playing math baseball at this site. Hope you get a grand slam!