Michael The Cheater

Tomorrow is the test! It is tomorrow!

         Michael was a student who lives in New York and went to High State Middle School. Michael was normal in some circumstances but was also abnormal. Michael had no friends at school, and he was lonely. Michael had a brother and a sister, but both of them were in college and barely ever came back to meet their family. Not only that, Michael’s parents are divorced. They had gotten divorced when Michael was born. Michael stayed with his dad because his mom moved to Texas. Even if Michael wanted to go meet his mom, his dad wouldn’t let him go. Michael only got to see his mom when he was a baby, and he didn’t remember her. Michael had asked his dad multiple times for a picture, but his dad wouldn’t show him because he either didn’t have them, or he didn’t want to show Michael and remind himself of her.

At school, Michael has a teacher named Mr. MugWump. He was a very lazy teacher who loved reading books. Sometimes he stopped lessons in his class just to read books. Michael didn’t like Mr. MugWump, but Mr. MugWump liked Michael. Mr. MugWump didn’t specifically only like Michael, though; he liked almost everybody in the school.

“Today I have a test, but I didn’t study. I don’t think I remember everything, so I’m not sure I’ll pass this test!” Michael exclaimed as he walked into the classroom, and Mr. MugWump, his homeroom teacher, gave Michael a test packet. Michael looked at the test and automatically he knew that he would fail because he didn’t understand a single question on the test. Michael tried very hard to at least answer one question. Michael finally at the end answered two questions but he still had a doubt on one of the questions. Michael almost gave up on his test but he knew he shouldn’t quit and that he should try more so Michael kept trying. Michael didn’t even notice the time and he kept trying to find problems. Finally, with five minutes left of test time Mr.MugWump Yelled,” Time check! Five more minutes.” Michael was surprised to how much time he used to just answer two questions. Everybody was done with their test except one person, it was the girl sitting next to Michael! Michael just wanted to see how far the girl got with her questions and so Michael peeked a little bit and he saw that the girl was almost done. Michael thought and thought, Michael concluded that the girl was his only choice. Michael was going to cheat. Michael slowly looked over the girl’s paper and he couldn’t see the girl’s answers. Michael tried really hard to look but he couldn’t see the girl’s answers. Suddenly, the girl moved her answer key onto Michaels side of her. That was the chance for Michael to copy all her answers down. Michael answered the last one then the girls stood up and took her papers and walked up to the turn in bucket! But then Mr. MugWump saw the girl turning in her papers. Mr. MugWump walked up to the girl and asked her if she checked her answers. The girl said,” No”! She walked back to her seat and she put her answer key back on Michaels side of her. Michael continued copying down her answers, Michael was so busy copying answers he wasn’t looking to make sure if the teacher was looking. Mr. MugWump was reading a book and he looked up, he saw Michael looking at The girl’s paper and then looking back at his own paper! Michael didn’t notice this but Mr. MugWump kept in mind to look at Michael in the next. You may think why can’t Mr. MugWump look right know? Well guess what, Mr. MugWump was reading a book! Michael finished copying the girl and he finished right when the girl finished but Michael stayed back because he didn’t want the teacher to get a doubt on him finishing at the exact same time as the girl sitting next to him. Michael waited a minute or two and then he turned in his test.

When Michael walked out of Mr. MugWump’s classroom, Michael ran into his bullies. One of the reasons Michael didn’t have any friends was because of these bullies. Every student is scared of these bullies so they don’t befriend Michael so that they wouldn’t get into a fight with the bullies. There were three bullies: Joe, Kent, and Trent. Everybody calls them JKT. They walked towards Michael and Michael was about to run away. Just then Michael saw the girl he copied from. Michael forgot about the bullies and he was thinking about telling the girl and saying thank you. Then he thought maybe he shouldn’t because if she is a bad girl she will go and tell the teacher. So Michael didn’t. Just when Michael was turning to walk to his next classroom, JKT run and push Michael down. Michael hit his hand on the floor and he had to go to the doctor! Michael got a cast for one whole week. Michael couldn’t come to school the next day and he had to stay at home. The next day Michael woke up and he didn’t feel like going to school. Michael’s mom was mad at Michael but Michael wanted one more day off of school. Michael and laid in bed. Just then on Michael’s phone, Michael received an email. The email said, “Congratulations you got a 100 on your math test!” Michael was so happy that he almost broke his other arm. Michael ate his dinner then he slept. The next day Michael woke up, got ready, and rushed to school. When Michael got to school Michael went to his first period class with Mr. MugWump. When Michael walked into the classroom, he saw all the students taking a retest for the test that Michael got a Hundred on. But not only that there was a retest going on but when Mr. MugWump gave Michael one of the retests, Michael freaked out it was the retest of the test he took two Days ago!

Michael was so scared but then he thought that he could just copy the girl again! When Michael was walking to his seat he saw that all the tables and seats were separated! Michael’s seat was way in the corner of the room and he didn’t see the girl anywhere around him! Michael was scared to take the retest. Michael didn’t remember anything nor he didn’t study! Michael wasn’t even informed of this retest. Michael was not just sad about the retest and seating but he was also confused of why the email about Michael getting a hundred on his test came. Michael sat in his seat. Then suddenly Mr. MugWump came up to Michael and told him, “This test is a retest for the test you took two days ago. Many kids in this class did very bad on this test so, I thought that I could give a retest.” Michael became very sad. Mr. MugWump continued, “But, from whichever of the tests that you took had a better grade including this test and the test two days ago that is the grade you get! Michael turned his sad face into the happiest face in the world. Michael was about to jump around but he can’t in a classroom! Mr. MugWump left Michael’s seat and went to his desk to read his new book. Michael just circled random answers and he turned in the test. He was actually the second person to turn in the test! Michael guessed that everybody got bad grades and everybody was trying really hard because they probably got  a bad grade on their last times test. But there was one person who finished before Michael even walked into the classroom, it was the girl.

When everybody finished Mr. MugWump released everybody and Michael went out of the classroom Michael ran into his bullies, JKT. This time Michael was happy and He didn’t want to mess up his happiness with JKT. So Michael ignored them. JKT got mad at Michael so they were going to do the same thing they did last time. Just then the girl stopped JKT from run into him! Then Joe talked, he said, “Move out of the way, Camden!” Camden replied, “Leave him alone he already hurt his arm because of you. Don’t break his other arm or other leg.” JKT Walked away and left the hallway. Right after that Camden went to Michael.” Michael said,

“Thank you”. Camden ignored Michael’s thank you and she quickly said, “Come to the cafeteria and sit at my table.” The next period was lunch Michael found Camden’s table and sat there. Camden’s table was filled with girls and one boy other than Michael. Michael felt uncomfortable actually sitting with friends. Then Camden said it, “I know you were copying me the other day.” Michael heart started pounding fast, she continued, “I actually stayed until you finished so that you could get a good grade. Michael calmed down, he was wrong, Camden was a very nice girl, she even saved him from JKT. Then Michael said, “Why did you wait for me, it is not like I ever helped you.” Camden replied, “Well, I don’t judge helping people if they helped me I do it If I see they are in the need of help. You were in the need of help and you really needed or wanted a good grade.” Michael thanked Camden and left lunch. The next day Michael walked into his first period classroom and he went and sat at his seat. Right then Mr. MugWump said, “Today we are having a pop quiz to see what you know!” Everyone gulped! Michael was scared. He would have gotten a very bad grade for a test he had the chance to study, and now, he has to take a test he didn’t study for at all. Mr. MugWump passed out all of the tests and told everyone to start. Just then Michael noticed Camden was sitting next to him! But Michael wanted to act for himself and he took the test sincerely and turned in the test. Michael skipped two questions that he didn’t know but Michael answered the rest.

                From then on Michael acted for himself. Michael made new friends, JKT stopped bullying Michael (mostly because of Camden), and most of all Michael learned that lying was not good! Michael scored a 93 on the test and Camden scored a hundred, Michael didn’t care that he didn’t get a hundred because he got a satisfying grade!