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Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Give the page number where you found the evidence (Keyes 37).


Progress Report 1 – March 3rd 

1. How old would you guess Charlie is from his writing?  Provide an example to support your answer.


2. How old does Charlie tell you he is?


Progress Report 2 – March 4th

3. Why do you think the doctors performed the psychological tests on Charlie before they would experiment on him?


Progress Report 3 -  March 7th

4. What are the doctors asking Charlie to do?


5. Why can Algernon beat Charlie in the maze?  Could any mouse beat him?


Progress Report 4 – March 6th

6. What is the significance of a 68.1 I.Q.? Why is this important to the story?


7. Algernon’s motivation is cheese.  What is Charlie’s motivation?


8. What are the doctors’ reasons for wanting to use Charlie?


Progress Report 5 – March 6th

9. OPINION: Do you think Charlie made the right decision to have the operation?  Please provide a valid explanation.


Progress Report 6 (March 15th)

10. Do you see any changes in Charlie’s journal entries so far?  If so, what are they?