Since this is a new rp *whoosh* no one remembers what happened here.  go nuts.

Aziro: Oh god, it is back, hell yeah.

Katherine: what now?  *looks up* oh shit not this again…

Acel: I got a new script!

Mirie: *Burns it* No you don’t.

Katherine: well that ended quickly

Aziro: By this point we should already know that no one follows the script.

Katherine: true.

Caim: ... I am just going to insert myself in here.. and pretend like i know what’s happening.

Alister: what exactly are you guys doing?....

Katherine: i don’t know, the people who created this have no idea >>;

Aziro: Shh, don’t let them hear you or you might get to do something embarrassing like drink your own piss or something, who knows what the fuck is in the brains of our creators.

Katherine: that’s fucking stupid >>;

Aziro: I was just joking, i don’t think anyone is as insane as to do that.

Grey: So we’re back, huh? Time to do all the stuff those GMs don’t allow us to actually do in the RP! Like fourth wall breaking.

Caim: Oh.. I get it, this is for giggles.. fun fun

Aziro: Break the fifth wall if you want to, anything is possible in this place.

Caim:.. Break the fifth wall... that is like saying i know i’m in a rp and i think my writer is nuts?

Katherine: isn’t that the fourth wall?

Aziro: You just need to think outside of the box, there will always be another wall, you just have to break it.

Katherine: is it a really good idea to be breaking walls??

Aziro: It’s a great idea, you never know what you can find.

Grey: As long as there are walls, we will break them! Self-awareness is awesome!

Katherine: yea no thanks I'm good

Caim: Sometimes.. you guys make me feel like i’m on a mushroom trip.

Aziro: Who needs mushrooms when you have the strongest drug of them all, friendship, hahaha.

Katherine: ...that’s weird.  if friendship is a drug i should stay away >>


Caim: Isn’t everything a drug? Air, sun, life.. all that jazz.

Katherine: ...that’s besides the point >>

Grey: Nooo, Katherine, friendship is awesome!

Alicia: *Walks in* Hey guys~ Where’s Alister? *chuckles*

Katherine: i think he’s staying far away from the crazy chat here

Aziro: Yeah, probably not trying to get in the middle of all this mess.

Caim: Cus he is a knight, he is too good for the common folk!

Katherine: I highly doubt it's because he's a knight Caim.

Grey: Is it because of the slight insanity here?

Alicia: Naaaaw...I’d really want him to hang around here…

Aziro: He will come eventually, no one can resist the temptation of becoming one of us *Starts chanting* one of us, one of us, one of us.

Katherine: ok come now.  let’s not freak out everyone >>;

Caim: NO FREAK OUT, -discos-

Aziro: Hey, i was just trying to chill out.

Katherine: *facepaws*

Alicia: *starts playing* Come on, if things go crazy, I wanna join the fray!

Aziro: *grabs 3 rocks and starts to juggle them in the air* Alright, since no one is actually doing anything, i guess i’m gonna have fun on my own.

Katherine: *sits on a big rock and relaxs* then im gonna relax

Caim: -still discoing-

Aziro: *grabs a 4th rock with his tail and tosses it up joining the other 3* alright, warming is done, now its time to start to go a little harder.

Ashe: what did i miss??

Grey: The usual. Everybody going crazy and stuff.

Ashe: really?  what’s wrong??

Grey: *Points at Caim and Shadoon.* There goes my dream of some snarky fourth wall breaking humor…

Ashe: fourth wall breaking?

Grey: You know...jokes about our creators and things like that…

Ashe: *gives a confused look* ???

Grey: *chuckles* Well, didn’t you feel like you’re just a figure in some kind of game or play somebody writes sometimes?

Ashe: i never have.

Aziro: Well, i’m glad for you, because sometimes is horrible to be aware of it.

Aziro: Are we dead in here?

Ashe: I don't think so??

Aziro: I was starting to feel a little lonely in here

Ashe: I’m sorry Shadoon is there anything I can do??

Aziro: Nah, it’s fine, i just want to see something new here once in awhile.

Mez: *Walks through and doesn’t stop or say anything*

Aziro: What the fuck was that?

Grey: *Puts away tome* How do you like that magic? It opens portals into other worlds, bridging space and time

Aziro: I can’t say i was actually expecting that, but it was fun.

Crescent.. : Is the forum out for anyone else?

Aziro: It was for a while, whole night to me actually.

Aziro: *yawns* i just got bored

Aziro: we dead?, me dead, you dead……. we dead, meh