Alex Linley


Alex Linley is CEO of Capp ( and Jobmi (, where he and his team are striving to reinvent work and deliver their vision of Matching the world to their perfect job. Alex is a psychologist by training and an entrepreneur by nature, with deep expertise in psychological assessment, particularly in relation to strengths. He holds a PhD from the University of Warwick and in his former academic career, published 8 books and more than 150 research papers.

Allen Blue


Allen Blue is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Management of LinkedIn. Allen was formerly Director of Product Design at, a social networking service covering dating, recreational and professional activities, where he was responsible for product design and implementation of SocialNet’s member-data focused business model. Previously, Allen has worked as a contract web designer and developer for a variety of clients including PayPal, Stanford University, and Microsoft’s Virtual Worlds project. Allen also lectured in Drama for three years at Stanford, where he graduated with honors with a B.A. in Drama and a B.A. in English, and was winner of the Golden Medal for creative excellence. LinkedIn users can view Allen’s full profile here.

Anders Flodström

Anders Flodström is the Education Director for EIT ICTLabs and former vice-Chair for EIT, the European Institute for Innovation and Technology. He is the former University Chancellor of Sweden and President the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the University of Linköping. He chairs the Swedish Internet Foundation (owner of the .se country domain), ESBRI (an entrepreneurship think tank) and the Swedish Computer Association (15 thousand members and its two companies. He is member of the Swedish Academy for the Engineering Sciences and of the Swedish Engineering Academy in Finland. He is an honorary doctor at Riga Technical University, and at Aalto University and an honorary professor at Dalian University of Technology and Zhe Jiang University. He is on the advisory board of Tallinn Technical University.  He has been a guest professor at HASYlab in Hamburg, at NIST in Washington DC and at Stanford University. He was the first Director of MAX synchrotron radiation laboratory in Lund. In the eighties he was an entrepreneur and owner of a SME company in the media industry.

Andrea Held

Andrea Held.jpg

Andrea Held has been with Google for more than a decade. She started working in Search Quality and then moved to internal education for engineers. In her current group, University Relations, she manages academic research award programs in a variety of research areas, and Journalism. Before Google, Andrea worked at eBay and for Hasbro Interactive. She studied education at the University of Bremen, Germany, and Journalism at UCLA.

Anna Waldman-Brown

Anna Waldman-Brown works with Autodesk, the Fab Lab network, and grassroots innovators across 50+ countries to foster creative problem-solving and sustainable development. She advises policy-makers on supporting local hardware ecosystems through the Maker Movement— including government representatives from the United States, India, Taiwan, Iceland, Ghana, Colombia, and Germany. She co-organized the public Fab Fest for the annual fab lab conferences in Barcelona and Boston, as well as the first Maker Fest in India. She is a Fulbright fellow and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics and Writing from MIT. When not consulting abroad, she is building an eco-village of DIY houses in a Northern California parking lot.

Annalie Killian

Annalie Killian builds bridges between the future and the present to help corporations and people anticipate, adapt and thrive. A leader who liberates creative imagination, appetite and desire for change and accelerates innovation, she helps decisionmakers understand how technology disrupts business models, and how to adapt quickly and lead people to and through change...

Arnobio Morelix

Arnobio Morelix is a senior research analyst and program officer in Research and Policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where he is a principal investigator on the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship, the first and largest index tracking entrepreneurship across city, state, and national levels.

Ben Baldwin

Ben Baldwin is a 3x founder, innovator and connector.  Ben’s unique skill is inspiring business leaders to identify new growth opportunities and delivering the people and solutions that make it happen.  Ben Baldwin is the founder of ClearFit: predictive analytics for hiring that shows who will succeed at which job and why, in a single step. Ben’s 17 years experience includes founding two successful software companies focused on innovation for hiring, training and job creation. Ben and his work have been profiled in many publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune. He holds multiple patents, is an advisory board member of the Drucker Institute and a member of the i4j Innovation for Jobs Summit which is focused on ‘disrupting unemployment.’ Ben is also a columnist for Inc. Magazine, startup mentor for The Wall Street Journal, Extreme Startups, Ryerson Digital Media Zone and past board member of the global Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO/YEO).

Bernard Moon


Bernard is Co-founder & General Partner of SparkLabs Global Ventures, a global seed-stage fund. He is also Co-founder & General Partner at SparkLabs, a startup accelerator in Korea. Bernard was previously Co-founder & CEO of Vidquik, a web conferencing & sales solutions platform, and continues to serve as an advisor and board director. Previously, he was Managing Director of the Lunsford Group, which is a private investment firm consisting of entities in technology, health care, and real estate. He was Co-founder and VP of Business Development at GoingOn Networks, a social media platform for companies. He led their product development where BusinessWeek recognized GoingOn in their "Best of the Web" list for 2007. He is a mentor for Mucker Lab, a startup accelerator based in LA. Bernard is also a guest writer to various technology journals, such as VentureBeat, Mashable, TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb.

Bill Davidow

Bill Davidow is co-founder and partner emeritus of Mohr Davidow Ventures. He has been a high-technology industry executive and a venture investor for more than 30 years. He has been directly involved in building pivotal companies in Silicon Valley including FormFactor, MIPS, Rambus, and Vitesse. Bill continues as an active advisor to Mohr Davidow. He is the author of Marketing High Technology and of Overconnected, and a co-author of Total Customer Service and The Virtual Corporation. While at Intel Corp., Bill served as senior vice president of marketing and sales, vice president of the microcomputer division and vice president of the microcomputer systems division. Prior to Intel Corp., Bill worked in various managerial positions at Hewlett Packard and General Electric.

Bob Cohen

Robert B. Cohen, PhD, has created projects to demonstrate how innovative cloud technologies can be employed by businesses and service providers. Over the past three years, he served as the Director of the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council of the TM Forum, an industry organization. He is also a fellow at the Economic Strategy Institute, a Washington-based think tank. He developed New York State’s high tech strategy for Governor Mario Cuomo and was secretary of the state’s High Tech Advisory Council. He was a founding member of the Internet Society and helped establish NYSERNet, New York State’s part of NSFnet.

Bobby Sain

In 2015 Bobby founded Waitron ( to create an on-demand employment marketplace for events and restaurants. Bobby's current responsibilities include Waitron, Dominion Capital, NEWCOMER, and AN AMERICAN IN PARIS. Bobby Sain has 6 years of expertise in producing film and theatre, and raising capital for new ventures both as an entrepreneur and investor. Bobby's expertise and overall professional experience spans technology, film, and Broadway.

Brian Rashid

Brian Rashid is a TEDx speaker and weekly writer for Forbes Magazine. He is the creator of the globally delivered speech, “It’s Your Hour,” which focuses on the future of work, entrepreneurship, and innovation for individuals, organizations, and corporations.

Carmen Rojas


Carmen Rojas is the CEO of The Workers Lab, an accelerator that invests in entrepreneurs, community organizers, technologists, economic justice organizations,issue campaigns, and businesses to create scalable and self-­sustaining solutions that improve conditions for low-­wage workers. The Workers Lab is focused on ideas, services, and products that will achieve sufficient scale to impact workers across sectors, industries, and geographies, and result in self-­sufficient revenue models.

Chris Macomber


I am now the CEO at WhoKnows which is revolutionizing how organizations discover and share expertise. WhoKnows can automatically understand "who knows what" within your company and recommend the right colleague at the right time to help when you are searching for information. Previously, I was a Director of Product Management at Lytro. Lytro disrupted photography by introducing the first consumer light field camera. Lytro is building a rich, innovative product experience including firmware, desktop, web, mobile, and social applications.

Chally Grundwag

Chally Grundwag is spearheading IIIJ’s creative implementation of emotional wellbeing, empathy based team building and realizing human potential through strength based approaches. She is a professional mental health consultant working with children, families and educators from highly diverse populations in less privileged environments in the bay area. She holds a M.A. in counseling psychology from the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (Palo Alto) and degrees in comparative literature and languages from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She also has a background in Israeli security.  She is specially interested in transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, creative processes, unlocking human potential, Jungian psychology and archetypes, group dynamics and empathy based, person centered relationships. She is also an artist and occasionally shows her paintings at exhibitions locally.

Chris Shipley


A leading technology analyst for more than 30 years, Chris is passionate about entrepreneurship as the driver of innovation, economic growth, and social impact. She has built a career identifying innovative startups that create market and drive positive and disruptive change. Chris began her career at Ziff-Davis, where she worked as a writer and editor for 12 years before joining International Data Group (IDG) to lead DEMO. where she helped more than 1,500 companies make their market debut. If those companies were a portfolio, they would have a combined market value of more than $60 Billion.


Her work has won numerous citations, including the prestigious SVForum Visionary Award in 2010. She serves on the boards of Versaic, Inc. and Thinktomi, Inc. and is an advisor to a number of high-impact early stage companies. Chris holds BA degrees in Literature and Communication Arts from Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Cosmin Gheorghe

My first degree is MD in General Medicine. My interest in the ways humans think, behave and relate to their peers and the environment led me to my second degree, in psychology. I am fascinated by how psychology is reflected in business interactions, from stock market to PR, organizational and customer culture. I use my knowledge, skills and experience to mix the following ingredients: Behavior, Technology and the vast and complex science of Relationships. These are the ingredients that define something which we only now begin to kind of understand. Something that is critical to organizational efficiency, customer engagement, UX, brand-building, well-being and pretty much anything else. That "something"​ is called Culture.

Curt Carlson

I was President and CEO of SRI International in Silicon Valley from 1998 to 2014. During this time SRI's revenue tripled and SRI became recognized as one of the world's most productive innovation enterprises, having helped create Siri, HDTV, Intuitive Surgical, and many other world-changing innovations. I started my career at RCA and then GE before joining SRI. I have formed a management consulting group, The Practice of Innovation (TPI), to share with companies, governments, and universities what I have learned about innovation, education, and economic development.

Dale Dougherty


Dale Dougherty is the founder and Executive Chairman of Maker Media, Inc. which launched Make:magazine in 2005, and Maker Faire, which held it’s first event in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006. Dale’s vision and mission continue to be the guiding force for the family of brands. “The maker movement is contributing to a thriving market ecosystem, serving the needs of makers as they seek out product support, startup advice, and funding avenues. Make: plays an important role as a collaborator and resource for makers as they transition from hobbyists to professionals.” As Executive Chairman, Dale is involved in editorial and content strategy, and both business and product development. As part of this process, he forges strategic partnerships in support of maker education, and global, cultural, and economic initiatives. Make: began at O’Reilly Media where Dale was a co-founder and the first editor of their computing trade books. When not in the office, Dale can be found making award-winning wines with his family in Sebastopol, CA.

Dane Stangler

Dane Stangler is vice president of Research & Policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. In this capacity, Stangler leads the Research & Policy department and serves on the senior leadership team. He also provides research and writing on a variety of subjects. He also represents the Foundation by speaking at meetings and conferences around the country.

Dave Kucera

Executive, startup founder, investor, mentor. 18-year track record of success within finance, technology, and startup environments.

David Goldsmith


David Goldsmith is Co-founder and President of New York, Hong Kong based Goldsmith Organization, Buzd, LLC a San Francisco based patent development company, Head of Strategy for Innosect a Silicon Valley innovation analytics, big data, fintech, and advisory company, partner in Slice3 a Johannesburg based consulting and data company an award-winning author of Paid to THINK, engaging keynote speaker, patent holding inventor, former award winning 12-year professor at New York University on topics such as executive strategy and innovation/new product and service development, serial entrepreneur, advisor to tech startups, and groundbreaking business thought leader.

David Nordfors

David Nordfors is the co-chair and co-founder of i4j together with Vint Cerf. He is the CEO of the IIIJ Foundation. He was previously co-founder and Executive Director of the Center for Innovation and Communication at Stanford University. He was one of the World Economic Forum Innovation 100 in 2009, and has served on WEF Global Agenda Councils. He is an adjunct professor at IDC Herzliya in Israel, and as been visiting professor at Tallinn University, the Tecnologico de Monterrey, and the Deutsche Welle Akademie. He has a Ph.D. in quantum molecular physics from the Uppsala University.

Deepa Prahalad

Deepa Prahalad is an author and consultant focused on design and emerging markets.  She is co-author ofPredictable Magic (Wharton School Press) and blogs for the Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, BusinessWeek and others.  Deepa has worked with companies from start-ups to large multinationals and mentors social entrepreneurs.  She serves on the Boards of the Global Peter Drucker Forum,  ArogyaWorld and Thinkers 50 Global and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Management and the Center for Digital Transformation at UC Irvine.  She was recently named #34 on the inaugural Thinkers50 India list.  Deepa holds a BA in Political Science and Economics from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Denise Daniels


Denise Daniels, Ph.D. is Director of the Masters' Programs at Palo Alto University. Her career has spanned both online and blended education in the fields of developmental psychology, business psychology, personality psychology, educational psychology, and behavioral health. Daniels holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Following the completion of her doctorate she conducted four years of postdoctoral research on personality development and risk and resistance factors in the development of chronic illness at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University Medical Center. Daniels then transitioned from academia to applied psychology and online learning.

Derek Ozkal

Derek Ozkal is a program officer in Research and Policy for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where he assists with writing and analysis of various Research & Policy initiatives and administers grants, which includes managing and overseeing assigned grant portfolios, monitoring grantee performance, and reviewing grant proposals.

Devin Cook

Devin Cook is the Executive Producer of the Inclusive Innovation Competition, a key activity at MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy. In 2015, she earned her MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where she was actively engaged in the university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, as a teaching assistant, a researcher, and a leader of the MIT $100K Business Plan Competition. Devin received the Ronald I. Heller Award for her substantial contribution to entrepreneurial spirit and activity on campus. Prior to attending Sloan, she directed customer experience strategy at an online apparel retail startup and worked as a strategy execution consultant, leading international projects and seminars for Fortune 100 clients. Devin was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study entrepreneurship as a driver of economic development among textile artisans in India. In addition to an MBA, Devin holds a Graduate Certificate in Socially Responsible and Sustainable Apparel Business from the University of Delaware and a BA cum laude from Middlebury College.

Edith Gummer

Edith Gummer is an education research director in Education for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation where she oversees the development and implementation of the education research and policy initiatives that focus on strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship in education.

Elizabeth Isele

Recognized globally - from the hallowed halls of Congress, the domes of Istanbul, the golden spires of Oxford University, and the cockpit of a vintage biplane - as a pioneering senior entrepreneurship expert, Elizabeth is leading the transformation of the culture of aging and retirement. Her passion to ignite an experienced economy by unleashing the potential of 50+ year-olds to drive economic markets and generate social and environmental impact is grounded in data and metrics. She is successfully busting the prevailing gloom and doom myth that this huge demographic wave is a "silver tsunami" by demonstrating how the experienced economy is a "silver lining," yielding golden dividends locally and globally.

Eric Scace

2013 Mar by Erica.jpg

As chief operating officer, Mr. Scace leads the planning and implementation of Context Lab’s services and products. Prior to joining Context Labs, Mr. Scace worked with the mit Kerberos Internet Trust to create a technical solution for a self-sovereign on-line core identity management and authentication that inte-

grates with apps, persona/attribute data managers, and Open id Connect (oidc).

As a member of LaunchPad Venture Capital Group, Mr. Scace works with fellow angel investors to bring promising it, green energy and biomedical technologies to market. He also works as a consulting antenna engineer, providing electrical and mechanical specifications of shortwave radio antenna systems for manufacturers and systems integrators serving the military and commercial markets.

Esther Wojcicki

Esther Wojcicki has been a Journalism/English teacher at Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA for the past 27 years where she built the journalism program from a small group of 20 students in 1985 to the largest high school journalism program in the nation winning major national and international recognition. Her program is an example of the effectiveness of Project Based Learning and using journalism as tool to get students engaged in critical thinking skills, writing skills, and Web 2.0 skills. She is working to help other schools adopt similiar programs.

Felix Velarde

Twenty-one years ago I started one of the first web design companies, and since then I’ve been an entrepreneur, industry leader and public face of several pioneering digital and CRM agencies. Most recently this included being Chairman at the high profile CRM strategy firm Underwired and CEO of an experimental multi-agency collaboration, The Conversation Group. You can read more about my career on LinkedIn or Wikipedia. I’m a Non-Executive Director and Chairman, and a consultant to agency owners and boards – while I search for my next CEO role in the UK or USA. Outside of work I am an occasional lecturer at Henley Business School and Hult International Business School (MBA and various Masters programmes). I also hold a glider pilot’s license and I’m a photographer, adventure-lover and Burner.

Gary A. Bolles


Gary A. Bolles is the co-founder of eParachute, creating software and courseware based on the work of “What Color Is Your Parachute?”, the world’s most popular career manual, with more than 10 million copies in print.  He is also a partner in Charrette, serving consulting producer for clients including Google, TED, Dropbox, Yahoo, Singularity University, London Business School, L'Oreal, and Red Bull. He is the co-founder of SoCap (, the conference for “impact” entrepreneurs and investors; Silicon Valley Meets the U.N.; DGREE: The Future of Higher Education; and the co-producer of “Closing the Gap,” a conference focused on solutions for a more inclusive economy. He writes and lectures frequently on the future of work and learning.

Gene Teare


Gené is the Director of Content at CrunchBase. She is an early team member at TechCrunch joining in 2008 to run CrunchBase. Working from the Atherton ranch, Gené was also involved with the set up of TechCrunch50 and TechCrunch Disrupt events from 2008 to 2012. Prior to joining TechCrunch, she was a Director of Marketing and Key Partnerships at RealNames, the company that provided natural language navigation in the browser bar. She began her early Internet career in the 90s by co-founding Cyberia the original CyberCafe in London with Eva Pascoe.

Gi Fernando

Gi (small).jpg

Gi is an engineer, investor and entrepreneur. Having founded and built a number of successful businesses over the last 20 years including Techlightenment - the leader in social insight and advertising, and Freeformers – a digital transformation company which trains one young person for free for every business person trained - he now concentrates on investing and supporting startups and scale-ups including Citymapper, YPlan, Streetlife, Timber Yard, TechWillSaveUs, Playmob and Big Health. He advises a number of FTSE organisations on digital strategy and transformation.

Hayden Brown

Hayden Brown_Upwork.png

As Vice President, Head of Product at Upwork, Hayden leads the product and design teams and oversees the company’s product across desktop, web and mobile. She is an expert in product strategy, innovation and fast-paced execution and revels in breaking new ground on challenges at the intersection of product management, product design and business management. At Upwork, she leads a team of 30+ product managers and designers in developing a product that enables freelancers and clients around the globe to work together in a new model that is radically changing the hiring and job-finding paradigm from a chore into a delightful and instantaneous experience.

Heather McGowan

Heather helps people find, shape, and communicate their vision. She synthesize disparate information and connect the dots to show: where things are, where things are going, and what this means to you. Accelerated change from advancing technological capabilities to rapid adoption of these new innovations to expedited company formation and scale to faster business and industry disruption cycles to rising automation, all require a new type of talent. Higher education needs to think differently about preparing graduates for jobs that do not yet exist and to find, frame, and solve problems not yet known. She connects these two corporate and academic realms. As an innovation strategist she has assisted diverse teams in large corporations to focus on the opportunity space and user experience to place the single product/service features and benefits into a more accurate context where new possibilities become not only evident but also obvious. In higher education, she has advised Presidents, Provosts, and Deans in finding and framing the core capabilities against market realities with a clear articulation of their institutional ethos. She has architected new core curriculum and programs that represent emerging fields in the future of work. Her expertise is an emerging field that is somewhere between design strategy and management consulting. It is rooted in the powerful use of single frame visuals with application of business strategy. She uses these visuals in blogs, articles, publications, and corporate and academic workshops and talks on innovation and leading transformational change.

Henry Oh

Henry Oh has extensive experience with open source development and technology. He studied the interplay between technological evolution and social change at UCLA, the London School of Economics and Stanford Law School. A serial social entrepreneur, Henry is passionate about using technology to promote social good and likes to help companies grow and impactful projects succeed. He has volunteered to localize Creative Commons licenses in non-US jurisdictions and organized Barcamps and TEDx events in Asia. Henry is currently an advisor and member of the Application Developers’ Alliance‘s Emerging Technology & IoT Working Group and its Media & Entertainment Working Group. He is also an advisor to Rainforest Connection, a start-up using “upcycled” smartphones to detect and stop illegal logging in the rainforest, and an Advisor to Blockai, a technology that allows users to browse the block chain underlying Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Henry is also the co-Founder of Conversations for Good, a non-profit that provides free mentorship and other career services.

Henry Tirri

Dr. Henry Tirri is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Technology officer of Nokia reporting to CEO. In that role he was responsible for setting Nokia’s technology agenda, owned all forward-looking R&D and drove Nokia’s core innovation. He was part of the Nokia Leadership Team from September 2011 until September 2014. Henry began his Nokia career 2004 as a Research Fellow and led NRC Systems Research before being appointed as Senior Vice President and the Head of Nokia Research Center. He has extensive experience in running global research and development activities with sites in 18 countries from China to Bay area. His personal research interests span Artificial Intelligence, information theory, search technologies and Programmable world/Internet of Things.

Herman Gyr


Herman Gyr works with businesses and leaders to transform potential crises into opportunities for reinvention. Whether it is the impact from changes in the global economy, technological advancements or shifts in customer or employee expectations, his interventions help create new possibilities for enterprises and those invested in them.

For over 25 years, Herman has been instrumental in redesigning a significant number of enterprises. His clients have included Apple Computer Inc, the BBC, Canyon Ranch, Delta Airlines, Johnson and Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, Lockheed Martin, Philips, Southern California Edison, Panera, Stanford University, Swisscom and Toyota, to name a few. From start-ups and family owned businesses to universities and multinational corporations, Herman coaches clients to shape moments of disruption into conditions for lasting success.

Ilya Levtov

Ilya is the founder and CEO ofCraft providing data and analytics on thousands of companies for free to professionals researching their next career move or conducting business development. He started his career at Goldman Sachs in London, then received his MBA from Stanford. Later he joined venture capital firm Venrock in Menlo Park, and then joined Venrock’s portfolio-company Crunchyroll, as EVP. Ilya believes that access to more and better information for professionals and candidates about employers and opportunities, is a key to solving the talent challenges we face today.

Jay Van Zyl

Jay van Zyl is the the founder of Innosect, an innovation management analytics company (previously known as Innovation Cafe). Spent the last 13 years working as an international consultant, speaker and educator. Worked with a number of organizations in achieving international recognition as innovators. This experience brought him to another startup where he lives out his lasting passion for innovation.

Jeannie Kim-Han

Relationship broker. Change agent. Innovator. Amplifier. Seasoned higher education administrator with over 24 years in leadership in various divisions including the President’s Office, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. Knowledgeable and experienced in theoretical and applied leader and leadership development. Innovative thinker and practitioner with a proven track record as a change agent. Proven track record in succession planning, establishing organizational infrastructure, facilitating culture shifts, developing and monitoring systems, institutional and program operations. Extensive experience working with universities’ senior leadership as well as faculty, staff and students, internationally, nationally, statewide and in local communities. Expert in strategic partnership and collaboration development, locally and internationally. Expert grant writer and external fund developer. Expert in research development/ Expert in High Impact Practices including learning communities, undergraduate research, internships & service-learning pedagogy, training and implementation internationally and locally. Expert in faculty development in grant proposal development, service-learning and internships, student leadership development, clubs and organizations. Academically trained as a cultural anthropologist. Conversationally fluent in Korean. Doctoral studies focus on higher education leadership, innovation, and institutional change.

Jeff Saperstein

Jeff Saperstein is an author, university teacher, consultant, and enabler in how technology can be used to create growth in regional economic development, success for organizations, and personal career planning.

Jessica Semaan

Jessica Semaan is the founder and CEO of The Passion Company, a movement that inspires and enables people to do what they love, through community, education and action. Born and raised in Lebanon, Jessica moved to the US to attend Stanford Business School. As an early employee at Airbnb, Jessica worked on scaling its operations worldwide, and recently launched Airbnb’s first global conference. Despite the successes Jessica did not feel fulfilled, so she spent a year interviewing 100 people doing what they love through her blog Passion Stories. During this time, she found her own passion which is helping others find theirs, and today is dedicated full-time to it through Passion Co.

Jim Knight

Managing Director of Online Learning at TSL Education Ltd, developing teacher education at TES. Former Cabinet minister in the Labour Government and member of the Privy Council and the House of Lords, is now using his skills and expertise commercially as a consultant and non-executive board member. As a national politician he has skills in decision making, communication, media handling and strategic policy, and has unrivalled expertise in the inter-relationship between education, skills and employment policy given his ministerial experience. He also has a current understanding of the potential use of digital technology in the delivery of public services.

John Clippinger


John Henry Clippinger is co-founder and Executive Director of ID3 (Institute for Innovation & Data Driven Design), a 501 C(3)  non profit organization (  formed to  develop and field test legal and software trust frameworks for identity,  personal data,  data-driven services, infrastructures, and enterprises. He is also a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab’s Human Dynamics Group and Chairman of the ITU Working Group on Identity and Authentication. Previously, Dr. Clippinger was founder and Co-Director of The Law Lab ( at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University Law School. He is also co-founder and Chairman of Intrinsic, a decentralized services company.

John Hagel

John Hagel III has more than 35 years’ experience as a management consultant, author, speaker and entrepreneur. He currently serves as co-chairman of the Silicon Valley-based Deloitte LLP Center for the Edge. Before joining Deloitte, John was an independent consultant and writer and prior to that was a principal at McKinsey & Company. John has served as senior vice president of strategy at Atari, Inc., and is the founder of two Silicon Valley startups, as well as starting his career at Boston Consulting group. John is the author of The Power of Pull, published by Basic Books in April 2010. He is also the author of a series of best-selling business books, Net Gain, Net Worth, Out of the Box and The Only Sustainable Edge. John holds a BA from Wesleyan University, a B.Phil. from Oxford University, and a JD and MBA from Harvard University.

John Mattison

John Mattison has directed the largest and first deployment of KP HealthConnect, Kaiser-Permanente’s revolutionary program to improve the quality and safety of healthcare through the use of information technology. This program supports the largest region of Kaiser Permanente with over 3 million lives and has been used by over 8,000 physicians in 13 hospitals and 140 clinics. His team of world class project managers completed the project more than a year ahead of schedule and $267 million under budget. Kaiser Permanente has been recognized as the national leader for both outpatient and inpatient systems, leading the country for hospitals awarded with the top HIMSS level 7 designation, and receiving the prestigious Davies Award in 2012. His team has hosted dozens of international delegations who have studied this program, and John has consulted internationally on numerous Health IT issues, and co-founded the XML standard for interoperability and health information exchange.

Jon Shieber


Jonathan is a Senior Editor at CrunchBase. Previously he worked as a senior reporter for Dow Jones & Co., covering venture capital and private equity investment from New York and Shanghai.

Joon Yun

Dr. Joon Yun is managing partner and president of Palo Alto Investors, LLC, an investment management firm founded in 1989 with $1 billion in assets invested in healthcare. Board certified in Radiology, Joon served on the clinical faculty at Stanford from 2000-2006. He received his B.A. from Harvard, M.D. from Duke Medical School, and clinical training at Stanford. Joon has served on several corporate and non-profit boards, and has published dozens of patents, scientific articles, and business essays. He is a contributor to Forbes, the health editor for Evolution magazine, and to various others on topics such as evolution, investing and the future of healthcare. Joon recently agreed to donate a $1 million Palo Alto Prize towards works on reversal of the aging process.

Justin Baird


Justin Baird is the CTO and Head of APAC at helping to raise the value of human capital by making the job market a better place. 1-Page helps people and enterprises around the world drive innovation through next generation talent technologies, supporting the global workforce by providing the tools to pitch their own unique value to companies well beyond the resume. Justin is responsible for the research, development and implementation of 1-Page scientific and technological platforms, and the development of APAC markets.

Laura Jana

150816 LJ Headshot.jpeg

Dr. Laura Jana is a pediatrician, health communicator, associate professor and Director of Innovation at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health, as well as an award-winning author of two parenting books (Heading Home with Your Newborn and Food Fights) and three children’s books. Professionally straddling the intersect between health and education, she is broadly focused on issues that extend far beyond the four walls of a pediatric office, from health technology innovation, education, community engagement, and 21st century skill/workforce development in early childhood to vaccines, maternal child health, parenting, early literacy, brain and child development, injury prevention, and health & nutrition promotion/obesity prevention.

Laura Merling


Laura Merling is a business strategist specializing in technology, digital transformation, and the internet of things.   Her passion is building new products and redefining business models. Her experience as a technology executive has included roles at large software companies, start-ups, and Fortune 500 businesses. Laura's work as an industry pioneer in API infrastructure has lead her to the Connected Industry space where she was EVP Internet of Things at SAP, VP of Digital Transformation at AT&T, and SVP of Application Enablement at Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia).  Laura actively engaged in her local community and is on the Board of Directors at Raphael House, a program to help at-risk families achieve stable housing and financial independence.

Leah Belsky

Leah Belsky is an experienced technology executive, entrepreneur, and thought leader who specializes in the future of education and technology policy. Leah is currently the SVP of Operations at Kaltura, an Intel Capital funded, pre-IPO, growth phase video company, named one of the “Next Billion Dollar” startups. Prior to her current role leading the 150 person operations team, Leah launched Kaltura in Europe and founded the education business, which is now the leading provider of media technology in global higher education and edtech.

Lee Hwee Chen

Having previously worked as a consultant on projects with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and Abu Dhabi government, Lee now heads the Risk Management and Futures team in the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM). At MOM, Lee and her team scans and researches on trends that impact the manpower landscape for the mid to long term. Trends of interest include automation of jobs (where the team applied the Oxford Martin School’s methodology to Singapore’s occupation profile), employment facilitation, the rise of the contingent workforce, the future of low entry barrier jobs, entrepreneurship for mature citizens, co-creating solutions with the community, and more.

Leila Toplic

Leila leads marketing communications and partnerships for LRNG. She oversees the engagement with LRNG’s diverse ecosystem — cities, non-profits, corporations, educators and policymakers — and drives the implementation of LRNG’s vision in local communities and nationally. Before joining LRNG, Leila served as the Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Sama Group, where she oversaw marketing communications and partnerships, as well as individual fundraising for Samasource, Samaschool and Samahope. Prior to Sama Group, Leila spent over 14 years leading brand and marketing strategy and programs at two Fortune 500 companies — Microsoft and Adobe.

Lucian Tarnowski

Lucian Tarnowski is founder and CEO of BraveNew, the enterprise platform for building knowledge sharing communities.BraveNewTalent ‘Communities of Purpose’ enable organizations to use curated content to connect, engage and develop stakeholders inside and outside of the company around any initiative such as One Young World, Veterans, STEM, Women, Diversity, Health, Sustainability and Leadership development. BraveNewTalent is creating the ‘Knowledge Graph’ by mapping members informal learning. Through peer-to-peer learning communities BraveNewTalent is helping its client break down the knowledge silos that exist everywhere and over time identify collective intelligence of communities. The company has been awarded the Best Advance in Social Learning Technology by Brandon Hall Group.

Manuel Campos Parodi


Manuel hails all the way from Chile and is now enjoying cold winters in Toronto. Has a bit of an eclectic formation, business undergrad with a Master’s in Customer Experience Design and Service Management. Held diverse positions in big mining and taught Strategic Leadership at a top Latin American University. Founder of a national athlete support NGO and consultant for several early stage StartUps, is now pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics.

Marc Canter


Marc Canter is an American internet entrepreneur, speaker, and technology evangelist. An early pioneer of online software,[1] he has been called the "godfather of multimedia".[2]

Canter is cofounder and Chief Evangelist of Cola, a company that publishes a messaging application. Previously, he was a founder of social networking tool Broadband Mechanics, as well as Macromind, the company that became Macromedia.

Markus Fromherz


Markus' experience includes over twenty years of corporate R&D, ten years of angel investing, and many years of mentoring young innovators. A computer scientist by training, he has a strong background in artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and healthcare. Markus is a member and former president of Sand Hill Angels and a member of the advisory board of SK Telecom’s Innovation Accelerator. He is currently starting a new venture, TripSeer, developing intelligent support for travel planning. Until 2014, Markus was Chief Innovation Officer, Healthcare, at Xerox, responsible for strategy and innovation across the payer, provider, government, and employer healthcare businesses in Xerox Services. Until 2010, Markus was a Vice President at the Palo Alto Research Center, where he directed PARC's Intelligent Systems Laboratory. Markus has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and a M.S. in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.

Matt Kaufman


Matt is the Head of Operations at CrunchBase, the leading dataset of innovative companies and the people behind them. Matt lead the effort to acquire venture funding and spin CrunchBase out of Aol in 2015.

Prior to joining CrunchBase, Matt ran product development at Oodle, the company behind Facebook’s online classifieds system. QVC acquired Oodle in December 2012 to integrate modern social shopping functionality and design into QVC’s web and mobile experiences.

Martin Wasserman

Martin Wasserman is producer and host of "Future Talk”, a Silicon Valley-based cable TV series that examines the global impact of technology, both for good and for bad, and tries to see where the new technology is leading us. It’s been seen on nearly 300 stations in the U.S. and abroad. He’s also produced and hosted several other TV and radio series, including “A Deeper Look” on KCSM-TV, “A Deeper Look” on KCSM-FM radio, “Spotlight on the  Middle East” at the Midpeninsula Media Center in Palo Alto, and “Just the Facts” on Cupertino Community Cable. He’s also had a successful career building high performance software tools for leading Silicon Valley companies such as Intel, Loral and Applied Signal Technology. He has always been concerned with the deeper issues of life, and sees his work in the media as a means of exploring these issues.

Max Senges

Maximilian “Max” Senges works in Google’s Research and Education organisation in Mountain View and is part of the Google’s Computer Science Academy management team. He also lead the Faculty Research Awards in the Policy & Standards field under Vint Cerf, as well as co-lead the organisational development projects for Google Research and University Relations. He is passionately thinking and working on the crossroads between academia and the private sector, internet politics, innovation, culture and philosophy of technology. In the last ten years he worked with academic, governmental and private organizations, centering on knowledge ecosystems, e-Learning and Internet governance. Currently, he also provides consultancy to and actively involved with the Internet Rights & Principles Coalition and with the Committee for a Democratic United Nations. Max holds a PhD and a Master’s Degree in the Information and Knowledge Society Program from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) in Barcelona as well as a Masters in Business Information Systems from the University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Berlin).

Mei Lin Fung

Mei Lin Fung co-founded Franchise for Humanity with Kennan Salinero of Yamana Science and Technology, and Sandra Bates author of the Social Innovation Imperative. She is a board member of IIIJ and till 2013 was the Socio-Technical Lead for the Defense Health Futures Think Tank funded by the US Department of Defense. She is a co-founder and current Chairman of the Institute for Service Organization Excellence. She is an early pioneer of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry as one of the two-person skunk work team who designed and developed the prototype CRM system, OASIS, at Oracle Corporation in 1989, under the leadership of Tom Siebel. She was Director of Finance and Administration for Marc Benioff when he headed Desktop and Direct Marketing at Oracle, before he left to form SalesForce. Mei Lin was responsible for the Geographic P&L analysis at Intel and served as alpha-test user for the Intel Distributor Sales tracking system. The Intel experience of “forecast-to-actual” precision analysis gave her the understanding that enabled automation of the sales management and revenue forecasting system which became the underpinning of the first CRM system.

Monique Morrow

Monique Morrow is the CTO – Evangelist for New Frontiers Development and Engineering at Cisco as of November 2014. Monique was the first CTO of Cisco Services from June 2013 to November 2014 where she lead the development of Cisco Services Technologies mapped to Services Customer Solution Reference Architecture that is now foundational for Cisco Customer Solutions implementation.

Noah Thorp

Software development leadership consulting and startup incubation.

Patricia Olby Kimondo

Patsy pressbild.jpg

Patricia Olby Kimondo is the CEO and Founder of People Productions and the brand Lärarförmedlarna, (In Eng.”The Teacher Agency”) a temp agency for on demand substitute teachers from kindergarten to high school. Lärarförmedlarna is Sweden’s largest job agency in it’s niche, and has changed the rules for temporary talent recruitment in the Education area in Sweden. Their next initiative is focused on young people entering the work market. She also founded Pionjären Pre-Schools, an proven successful concept for Reggio Emilia inspired pre-schools/kindergartens. Patricia is a board member of Swedish Staffing Agencies as well as the Swedish Federation of Enterprises for SMB’s. She is also a student at Stanford Business School Executive Education LEAD Program for corporate innovation and change management.

Paula Salomaa

Nordic Innovation House (NIH) is a co-working space, incubator, resource center, and networking hub for Nordic tech startups, and Nordic venture-capitalist firms located in or coming to Silicon Valley.

Peter Hirshberg

Peter Hirshberg is at the epicenter of the noisy, connected world of online conversation. A Silicon Valley executive with several high profile marketing and branding related ventures, Peter has led emerging media and technology companies at the center of disruptive change for more than 20 years.

Phil Watson


Phil is a scientist, inventor, and researcher at Google X (now just "X") focused on identifying, developing and promoting transformative and elegant technological solutions to societal challenges.  Current work includes running workshops to map trends in society and technology, thereby identifying potential impacts on individuals 15-20 years in the future, as well as potential actions and systems that could alter those impacts.  After earning his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics at the Glenn H. Brown Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University, he spent 15 years at 3M, where he focused primarily on technology development, management, and strategy in the fields of displays, optics and electronics.  This included managing development teams in the U.S. and Singapore and proposing and vetting new technologies and product families.

Philip Auerswald

Philip E. Auerswald is an economist and currently leads as founding executive Director at the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network, an initiative of the Kauffman Foundation. He is also an associate professor at the School of Public Policy, Government and International Affairs at George Mason University, and a cofounder and co-editor of Innovations, a quarterly journal about entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges. In June 2013, he led the launch of the National Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, an organization dedicated to using the National Mall in Washington, D.C. as a platform to celebrate and support entrepreneurship and innovation. In parallel, he is involved in initiatives related to digital property rights and healthcare to the home. Prior to joining George Mason, Auerswald was a lecturer and assistant director of the Science, Technology and Public Policy Program at the Kennedy School of Government and, until 2014, an associate at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University. From 2010 to 2013, he was an an advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative, focusing on job creation and market-based solutions. He also served as consultant to the National Academies of Science, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Pradeep Khosla


Pradeep K. Khosla became UC San Diego’s eighth Chancellor in 2012. As UC San Diego’s chief executive officer, he leads a campus with more than 30,000 students, six undergraduate colleges, five academic divisions, and five graduate and professional schools. UC San Diego is also home to the prestigious Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the UC San Diego Health System. UC San Diego is an academic and research powerhouse, with faculty, researchers and staff attracting more than $1 billion in research funding a year. At UC San Diego, Khosla initiated and led a comprehensive, all-inclusive strategic planning process to unify the campus and define UC San Diego’s future. The initiative resulted in a Strategic Plan that outlines five overarching goals, four grand research themes, and 13 strategies to fulfill a mission and vision as a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university.

Priya Lakhani


Former libel barrister, Priya founded FMCG business Masala Masala in 2008 successfully launching its products into nationwide supermarket chains and independent retailers. The company’s charitable arm has provided over 1 million meals and 35,000 vaccinations to the underprivileged in India and Africa. In 2014 Priya founded CENTURY Tech, which is set to disrupt the education sector by utilising big data and data mining techniques to improve students’ learning outcomes. Priya has been a member of the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills’ Entrepreneurs’ Forum, an advisory board member to several educational/skills organisations, including a founding entrepreneur of Gazelle Group Colleges. Priya was awarded Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009 and Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2014.

Rick Horning

Rick Horning is the legal counsel of IIIJ. He is counsel in Corporate & Securities Group and Venture Technology Group at ReedSmith, a Global 25 law firm. He was recognized in the International Who’s Who of Internet and E-Commerce Lawyers 2009 as the “most highly nominated lawyer in the US”. He specializes in counseling high-technology companies in all stages of development on domestic and international issues, including securing, protecting and licensing intellectual property rights, financing growth and development, supply and distribution relationships including antitrust and unfair competition considerations, and dispute resolution affecting technology-driven industries.

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Robin Farmanfarmaian is the President of the i4jEco Summit. In addition, she is the SVP for the Arc Summit, a biotech and medtech conference, and Executive Director for the Organ Preservation Alliance, catalyzing breakthroughs in transplants, organ banking, cryopreservation and tissue engineering. She’s also actively involved with INVICTA Medical, a device company for acute care/post anesthesia and sleep apnea, poised to impact hundreds of millions of patients.

Roy Bahat

Head of Bloomberg Beta, where we invest in companies that make work better. We open sourced our internal operating manual, in case you want to learn more about us:

Sandra Miley

Sandra 0141.jpeg

As the Interim President and CEO of United Way Silicon Valley, Sandra is passionate about lifting up the community and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams. She joined United Way after learning about the gap in the way people live in Silicon Valley. When she heard that one in three households – in a region known for its wealth creation – has to choose between basic needs like medicine and food, she knew she had to do something. She is intently focused on tapping into the Silicon Valley brain trust to find innovative ways to connect people to gainful employment. In her more than 20 years in marketing and brand strategy, Sandra has achieved success using a metrics-driven approach and strong communication skills to transform organizations. She has fueled the global expansion and accelerated the growth of recognized brands, including Vocera Communications, Juniper Networks, Adobe, Brocade, Cisco, and Nokia.

Sebastian Gyr

Sebastian is the Chief Executive Officer & CoFounder at BuddyHOPP, a promising young mobile tech company located right on Venice Beach, California. Since incorporation in 2014, BuddyHOPP has flourished through the hard work, passion and vision of its fellow co-founders, founding members, advisors and investors to successfully raise a pre-product seed investment of 1.1 Million USD. We are a passionate team of 6 with backgrounds in engineering, design and marketing whose mission is to connect the right people for the occasion.

Silvina Moschini

An international expert on social media and Internet marketing, Silvina is a regular contributor to CNN, where she co-hosts «Directo a la Tecnología» («Straight to Technology»), a weekly segment on IT and Internet trends, for CNN en Español’s prime-time program «Directo USA.» Silvina’s columns have been published by over 150 venues worldwide. She is known on Twitter and by media as @Miss_Internet. An international expert on social media and Internet marketing, Silvina is a regular contributor to CNN, where she co-hosts «Directo a la Tecnología» («Straight to Technology»), a weekly segment on IT and Internet trends, for CNN en Español’s prime-time program «Directo USA.» Silvina’s columns have been published by over 150 venues worldwide. She is known on Twitter and by media as @Miss_Internet.

Silvina is the founder and CEO of Intuic | The Social Media Agency, a global online visibility and marketing firm that handles PR and social media needs for top clients such as Google, Twitter, CA Technologies, and others. She is a particular expert on the dynamic and rapidly developing Latin American and US Hispanic markets.

Stephanie Santoso


In her role at the White House, Stephanie has been leading efforts to develop initiatives, activities and programs to support the Maker Movement. This included helping to plan the first-ever White House Maker Faire and the National Day of Making to encourage communities across the U.S. to create more opportunities for individuals to make, build, tinker, fix, invent and come up with new ways to make the world a better place. She is working with a variety of stakeholders, including schools, universities, makerspaces, federal agencies, cities, libraries, museums, companies and non-profit organizations to think about how making can expand hands-on, informal STEM learning, facilitate entrepreneurship, foster a culture of domestic manufacturing and help encourage solving global challenges locally. As a maker, Stephanie is an avid sewer, has been experimenting with wearable electronics and works with 3D printing. In a previous life, Stephanie started up an all-natural baked goods company with her mom and worked in advertising. Stephanie is also pursuing a PhD in Information Science at Cornell University, where her research focuses on the development of emerging technologies, including the relationship between open sourcing and intellectual property. Some of this research has been focused specifically on 3D printing.

Steve Denning

Steve Denning is the author of eight books, a contributor of more than 600 articles to since 2011 and a board member of Scrum Alliance. Steve is the former Director of Knowledge Management at the World Bank. He works with organizations in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia on leadership, innovation, business narrative and radical management.

Tammy Chan

She has carried over her experience in Finance and Information Technology to co-found a nonprofit called Conversations for Good, a 501(c)(3) charity that provides the underserved communities to provide resources to navigate into a fulfilling career. She is actively involved as the Executive Director in implementing programs in the East Bay of San Francisco. Tammy is also involved as the Director of Operations for IIIJ Foundation, think tank commissioned by the tech elite, formed to advance the understanding of innovation, involving programmatic activities domestically and internationally. She’s responsible for managing business operations and overall programs.

Tess Posner

Tess Posner is Managing Director of Samaschool, a social venture that provides people with digital skills training aligned with job market trends to prepare them to get work on the largest online work platforms. Tess built and launched the first Samaschool program in San Francisco in 2012, and the program now operates in six cities in the US, has launched an online training, and expanded internationally in East Africa in 2014.

Valentina Morigi

Valentina Morigi is a young biotech entrepreneur, relentlessly working at her mission to help medical breakthroughs to reach the patients in need.

Valentina is currently the CFO of Tensive, an angel-backed biomedical start-up company that is developing innovative prostheses aiming to naturally restoring the breasts of patients who undergo mastectomy or lumpectomy, thus improving their quality of lives and avoiding expensive and recurrent surgical operations.

She is also the co-founder of the Organ Preservation Alliance, a non-profit organization incubated at the SU Labs (at NASA Research Park), that catalyzes breakthroughs in organ preservation and tissue engineering to save and impact millions of lives, where she established and is managing the operational function.

Earlier in her career, Valentina worked at the global consulting company PwC, in the management consulting practice on several functions and industries.

During the last year of her Masters degree in Finance, driven by her strong mission for science, medicine and innovation, Valentina joined the nanomedicine department of the Houston Methodist Research Institute to analyze the US nanomedicine market and its economic impact on the biopharmaceutical sector.

Valerie Landau


Valerie Landau is an American designer, author and educator. She serves as Director of Assessment at Samuel Merritt University where she designed a software application that facilitates analysis and assessment of how effectively an organization is meeting their goals and objectives at project, program and institutional levels.

She has filed two patents along with her colleague and mentor Douglas Engelbart. Their most recent patent (filed April 2010) describes multitouch interface for chorded text entry. The new patent is inspired by Engelbart's early work developing the Chorded keyboard. They also released an application for the iPhone for chorded texting called "TipTapSpeech".

Vint Cerf

Vinton G. Cerf is Co-Chair and Co-Founder of i4j. He is vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google and contributes to global policy development and continued spread of the Internet. Widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet,” Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet. He has served in executive positions at MCI, the Corporation for National Research Initiatives and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and on the faculty of Stanford University.

Vivek Wadhwa

Wadhwa is a tech entrepreneur turned academician. Wadhwa is a fellow of Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University, Director of Research at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization at the Pratt School of Engineering of Duke University, and Distinguished Fellow at Singularity University. In Stanford and Duke, he lectures in class on subjects such as entrepreneurship and public policy, helps prepare students for the real world, and leads groundbreaking research projects. He oversaw research and innovation at Singular University as exponential advances in various fields such as robotics, A.I., computing, synthetic biology, 3D printing, medicine, and nanomaterials are making it possible for small teams to do what was once possible only for governments and large corporations to do: solve the grand challenges in education, water, food, shelter, health, and security.

Wingham Rowan

Entrepreneur with hard-won experience in business, media, public policy and technology. Formerly a children’s TV presenter (Rowan’s Report in the 1980’s). Then a technical journalist and producer/host of the UK’s longest running TV series about the Internet. Author of two books about the potential of online markets to create new economic activity. Writer of countless articles and policy papers on this topic. Company founder.

Yassi Moghaddam

Currently, as the Executive Director of International Society of Service innovation Professionals, ISSIP, I have been driving industry-academia innovation focused partnerships globally, while leading the organization through a very strong launch and rapid growth. ISSIP,, is a professional association co-founded by IBM, Cisco, HP and several universities to promote systemized innovation that results in sustainable growth for business and society.