E ako ana ahau ki te describe our feelings.


- I will start with I was so excited.

- I will use adjectives (describing words)

- I will use adverbs (describe how I was doing something - ‘ly’ on the end)

- I will use similes ( compare two things using ‘like’ or ‘as’)


- Capital letters

- Fullstops

KAPA HAKA              RUGBY               GARDENING                 CROSS COUNTRY                 DISCO

I was so excited and Happy when me and Hunter we help GardeninG and Hunter had the frst jobs to do and when he was finished the jobs and we had a nother jobs to do with Nare-toni and shiraya and me and Hunter we went to get stuff for the sole and when it was kapaHaka and I went to KapaHaka when the bell  went  for lunch time  we said karakia for lunch and when the bell went for class time i told Whaea Waioras me and Hunter had to go to room 12 to get a  lollipop and a ice block a chocolate and when me and Hunter got then a room 12