GearCat Summer
Robotics Camp

Summer 2019

Who: 4th or 5th grader during 2018-2019.

When: June 4-7, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Where: FCVMS PLTW Classrooms

This summer, FCV Project Lead the Way will be offering a 4 day robotics summer camp for any student that is a 4th or 5th grader during the 2018-2019 school year.  The camp will run from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM Tuesday June 4 to Friday June 7. Students will have the opportunity to design, build and program a robot to compete in a series of challenges.  Students will be mentored by award-winning robotics coaches and mentors as well as have a chance to prepare for the upcoming Vex Robotics Competition Season.

Registration is $80 per student for participants who return registration by May 12th.  This price includes a t-shirt for your student.  Late registrations will  be $90 and spots cannot be guaranteed. (FORM IS ON OPPOSITE SIDE). -NO REFUNDS



Robotics Awards and Achievements

VEX IQ Robotics Competitions

- 2019 -

World Qualifier

State STEM & Amaze Award

Excellence Award Winners

Design Award Recipients

- 2018 -

World Qualifier

State STEM Award

Excellence Award Winners

Qualifying Design Awards

Qualifying Judges Awards

- 2017 -

World Top 50 Finisher

State STEM Award

State Teamwork Finalist

City Tournament
STEM Award

GearCat Robotics 

4th/5th Summer Camp

Fall Creek Valley School of Engineering and Creative Design


Engineering. Artistry.

GearCat Robotics

GearCat Robotics has been teaching students critical thinking, problem solving and vital personal leadership skills using robotics for the last 8 years. As a member of GearCat Robotics, students get more than merely a traditional education as we (the coaches) are constantly looking for opportunities to empower our students to see themselves as leaders and to take ownership of their education so they will become better prepared for life beyond school.  IMG_4202.jpg

Students will be taught by licensed, nationally certified, Purdue educated Project Lead the Way teachers with a wide breadth of knowledge in STEAM related areas.  GearCat Robotics has also partnered with InDesign Engineering Firm who provides us with experts in the field of programming, mechanical engineering and project management.  Furthermore, students will be mentored by former GearCat alumni.


“It’s so much more than just robotics; it’s about leadership, life...and just so much more!”
 -GearCat Alumni

Who: 4th or 5th grader during 2018-2019.

When: June 4-7, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Where: FCVMS PLTW Classrooms


Disclaimer, Policies, Conditions:

  • My child will be responsible for his/her actions while under the supervision of the GearCat Robotics team.  My student agrees to conduct themselves to the best of their abilities, following all directions from all GearCat Robotics Team Members, and abiding by all expectations set forth by Fall Creek Valley Middle School and MSD of Lawrence Township.  I understand that if my child engages in poor behavior that results in the disruption of this program, they may be removed from the program without refund.
  • I will provide transportation for my child to and from Fall Creek Valley Middle School for this program each day.  Team members will not be responsible for any unsupervised student before/after the summer program start/end time.
  • MSD of Lawrence Township and its employees will not be held liable for any personal injury and/or subsequent medical fees that would result from my child participating in this program.
  • I understand that there will be no refunds and that my child is not registered for this program until full payment is received.
  • I understand that this program has a limited enrollment due to limited materials and the program is available to the first 48 students who return registration and payment correctly.
  • I have read the information and policies on GearCat Robotics Summer Camp and agree to follow them.

GearCat Summer Robotics

Registration Form

Student Name: _______________________________

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2018-2019 Grade: (Circle)  4th Grade  5th Grade

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Medical Conditions: (Allergies, seizures, medications, etc)


*In the case of an emergency, if no contact can be made with a parent/guardian or emergency contact, school personnel will contact 911 if necessary.


Size (Youth s, m, l, xl, Adult s, m, l, xl):  ___________

Parent Permission:

I have read the information and agree to the Disclaimer, Policies and Conditions listed.

Parent Signature: ___________________ Date: ____________

Return Registration Form and Payment (Checks payable to “GearCat Robotics”) should be turned in to the FCV PLTW Teachers OR mailed to the following address:

Fall Creek Valley Middle School

ATTN: Joshua Quinn/Jason Williams-PLTW Teacher

9701 East 63rd Street

Indianapolis, IN 46236


Register Online At:

Pay online At: