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Robot Plan Examples
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Robot Plan Questions:

What is your robot called?

What tasks can your robot accomplish?

What incredibot parts do you plan to use in your robot?

What inspired you to build this robot?

Example Robot Plans:

Robot Name: Basketball Arm


Robot Tasks: Shoot a Ball, Pick up a Ball 



The Basketball Arm will be a robot that is able to shoot a basketball from a far distance into a basketball hoop. This robot is designed to work like a human arm. In order to make this robot work I plan on using rotating joints, fixed joints, sliding joints, rectangles, triangles and a circle for the ball. I am inspired to build this robot because basketball is one of my favorite sports.


Robot Name: Bob Bot

Robot Tasks: fly, land, and pick things up


Bob Bot should be able to fly and land. I intend to do this by turning off the gravity and attaching a string to it. I will attach a simple forklift arm and have little boxes. This robot should build its own landing strip to win. I will use fixed joints, rotating joints, circles, and rectangles to complete this robot. I am inspired to build this robot by my dog because he thinks he can fly.

Robot Name: The AtV Cannon

Tasks: Shoots balls, climbs rocks, pick things up and holds things in a tank

Description: The ATV Cannon is an awesome all terrain vehicle that shoots. The atv cannon also jumps and picks up things. It can climb almost any thing like rocks or hills. I will use rotating joints fixed joints, rectangles and a cannon.