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6v6 Beach Volleyball Rules-2017
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6v6 Coed Beach Volleyball Rules

Kaboom Beach Volleyball is played under the guidelines of US Volleyball with the following exceptions:


Each week each team will play 1 match (3 games per match) against another team in a 45-minute time slot.

Full Team

A full team consists of 6 or more players, with 6 on the court and the remaining players subbing in, rotating at the serve. Three females and three males on the court is preferred, but four of one gender is acceptable. A team may decide to play with a minimum of four players if you do not have a full team ready to play at start time, but two of those four players must be a female. If a team is late at start time there will be a point awarded a minute to the ready team for up to 11 minutes, then a forfeit is given for that game. Then repeat for second game and if still no show, game is forfeited and ready team wins match 2-0.


Free substitution on a rotational basis for teams.  The service order has to stay the same using all of the teams players. If a team will not have enough players, approved Kaboom subs can play in registered players’ place and pay a $5 fee.  A team must have at least 4 of its members present to avoid forfeiting the game.  


Please remove jewelry.


Rock, paper, scissors, at the beginning of the match, winner chooses side or serve. 2 games will be played to 21 using rally scoring with a cap of 25.  The third game will be played to 15 using rally scoring with a cap of 17.  If time is running out, the team with the highest score wins. Game is over when 45 minute time slot is reached regardless of the score.

Receiving the Serve and “TIPS”:

It is illegal to attack the ball with open hands on the serve in official beach volleyball rules. Hands must be connected when made contact  when receiving the serve. You are in luck, we are not enforcing this rule nor the open hand tips. This is a Sunday FUNDAY league and all levels are encouraged to play the “correct” way but we will not call you on it unless it is a very ugly play. We know everyone playing is at different levels and still learning the game. It is up to the ref to decide what is “illegal”. This is a place to practice your volleyball skills without being judged.

Start of Games (Regular Season)

First serve will be decided by rock, paper, scissors or coin toss. The receiving team will serve the second game. Repeat first game step for the third game.


Sportsmanship must be practiced at all times. Directors and representatives of Kaboom reserve the right to remove any player or team from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. If a call cannot be decided on it will result in a redo.


You may not play unless you are officially added to the roster or you are an approved sub. To add someone to the roster you must contact Kaboom office the previous week. Subs are not allowed to participate in the playoffs or championship games.  


1 timeout per team for 15-30 seconds. A team can only use this timeout once during their 3 games that day.


Seeding for the tournament will be based on the following criteria: 1) winning percentage, 2) head-to-head play (2 teams), 3) most total games won, 4) fewest total games lost, 5) coin flip.

Kaboom Directors and Representatives reserve the right to amend any and all of these rules, if necessary, for safe and fair play. Please email us at for more info.