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Mathematical Optional Local Purpose Assessment (OLPA)



Optional for 3-5



Grades 3-5





Results are used to adjust classroom instruction.

Item Samplers


Formula Sheets


Mathematics Tutorial Grades 3-5


OLPA reading is an optional test that may be administered earlier in the school year to familiarize students with the functionality of the items and online tools, as well as the device used for testing. Results are used to help teachers determine the instructional needs of the student.

Who Uses Data

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Mathematics Teachers
  • Principals
  • Deans and Assistant Principals

Current Use of Data

  • Preparing students for MCAs with a practice test
  • Familiarize student with the functionality of test items and online tools
  • Identify instructional needs of the student
  • Use of sub strand data to inform curriculum and instruction.
  • Identifies concepts and skills that need improvement so teachers can alter methods of instruction or increase the instructional time devoted to a specific concept or skill prior to MCA testing.
  • Assess student knowledge and skills relative to the respective MN academic standards.