Empowerment Pipeline Team Member Application

Recommendation Form


___________________________ is applying for the Empowerment Pipeline Team Member position at Loyola University Chicago’s Department of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs.  This position is granted to students with an interest and passion toward serving underrepresented high school students and providing opportunities to enhance educational equality for this population.  Please share your comments with us in the space provided or attach a letter to this form.  Completed recommendations must be returned to the student in a sealed envelope to be included in their application.  Please contact Sadika Sulaiman Hara at ssulaimanhara@luc.edu, or 773-508-3909, with questions, concerns, or for more information.


1.       How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?







2.       Please describe the candidate’s strengths in the areas of interpersonal skills, knowledge of social justice issues related to education, and leadership abilities.









3.       How does the student deal with conflict?









This form is to be submitted by applicant to:

Department of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

1125 W. Loyola Avenue, CFSU 200 | Chicago, Illinois 60660

p (773) 508-3909 | f (773) 508-3895