EPICS V4 Telecon 29-Nov-2016

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  1. Progress on AIs
  2. Status
  3. Roadmap to EPICS 7
  4. AOB


Chair: SH

Present: AJ, HJ, MK, RL, SH, KK

Minutes: AJ

1. Table of AIs




Target Date



Update your headers to contain the header text.





Monitor changes pull request (move Monitor API from pvData to pvAccess; AI from meeting 15-Mar-2016, http://tinyurl.com/zqa3qyp



Test creating a Launchpad project for the bundleCPP module



2. Status


  1. As I suspected I have no European XFEL time to spend on EPICS - we are a Karabo site. This doesn’t rule out brief extra-curricular activities.
  2. I have a few bits of training stuff I didn’t push before I left. In particularly the pvaClient exercise. I can let you have these - I’ve just been a bit busy. Let me know if you want to do anything in the near future on training that might clash.
  3. As you can probably guess my email address at EXFEL is david.hickin@xfel.eu. It might be better to use my gmail though: dr.david.hickin@gmail.com.
  4. Everything OK so far. I like Hamburg.

SH: Any additional follow-up?

3. Roadmap to EPICS 7

SH’s initial proposal (on V4 mailing list):


 * Release 4.6


 * Release

 * Release 3.15.5


 * Release 3.16.1


 * Convert base 3.* repos to git

 * Determine what is to be included in EPICS 7 release

    * Intermediate release of 3.x or 4.x required?


 * Finalize directory structure and packaging for EPICS 7 release

 * If required, intermediate release of 3.x or 4.x


 * EPICS 7 Release Candidate


 * EPICS 7 release

SH: Comments on this?

RL (on V4 mailing list): For including EPICS 7 in the 2018 release of CODAC Core System (CCSv6.0), which is an important milestone for ITER, the release dates are on the late end of the spectrum and do not have buffer to catch possible slip. Should we move them earlier?

AJ: Waiting for fixes for PCAS bugs.

RL: Also seeing problems with short-lived clients (caget, caput) getting segfaults, the DNS-resolving thread accesses NULL pointers. For ITER need to release today or tomorrow. Hoping Michael would be able to help.

SH: Michael is in charge of the 3.16 release, correct?

AJ: Yes.

SH: Next step is git conversion?

AJ: Already have a git mirror on github. Some clean-up may be wanted.

SH: Are features for EPICS 7 just 3.16 + 4.6?

RL: For ITER yes. Spend effort on testing rather than new features.

AJ: Some additional feature branches may be ready for merging by then.

RL: No problem, focus should be on checking compatibility with existing 3+4 installations.

SH: Biggest uncertainty now looks like 3.16 release, currently January with some float possible.

AI on SH: Get feedback from Bob & Michael about roadmap.

AJ: Timing of developer meetings in the above roadmap?

SH: For restructuring someone does a proposal and discuss at F2F, so Spring for US-1. Willing to host at SNS if desired.

SH: Meeting at ITER before ICALEPCS.

AJ: Any V4 work planned for the next 9-12 months?

MK: Nothing planned.

SH: Matej might be available for some developments if needed, ESS still has a contract.

SH: Anyone know Michael’s availability?

RL: Bob should know, wasn’t he now being paid to attend these meetings?

MK: Call him on that.

MK: Request hosting at Argonne for the next meeting
AJ: OK, or FRIB.

RL: Check with Guobao?

KK: FRIB would be good, can hold a CS-Studio meeting as well.

RL: Would be worth asking them.

AI on SH: Contact Guobao & Eric about holding a meeting a FRIB, maybe with CSS group.

RL: Issue with paying for cloudbees, Bob wants to stop paying $20/month for this service

HJ: Willing to pay for this.

RL: Will coordinate, thanks.

AI on RL & HJ: Switch payment for the Cloudbees instance from Bob’s credit card to Heinz.

4. AOB

Next meeting: Dec 13th, then no more until January 2017.