Submit Dropbox Assignments

  1. Select the Dropbox link located on the top navigation bar on your course homepage.

Navigation bar 1-2.PNG

  1. The Dropbox is used to submit assignments to your instructor. To upload an assignment, select the appropriate dropbox folder.

Select folder 2-3.PNG

  1. **Some instructors only allow one submission per dropbox so be sure to submit assignments appropriately. The “Submit Files” window will appear. Select the “Add a File” button to locate the assignment on your computer.

Add a file 3-4.PNG

  1. Select “Upload” at the next screen that appears. You will navigate to the file you wish to upload and select it. Then select Add. You may also drag and drop the files inside of the dotted area to upload them and then select Add.

Add a file 4-5.PNG

  1. You can add any comments you wish in the comments box or even record audio for your instructor. Select Submit when finished.

Submit 5-6.PNG

  1. After selecting Submit, the File Upload Results window will appear. This is how you know your files were submitted successfully. All the files submitted will be listed in the Files to Submit section and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your D2L e-mail.

File Upload Results 6-7.PNG