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Grant Deadlines & Procedures


Applications will be accepted at any time.  General Grants will be reviewed four (4) times each year.  Student and Staff Grants will be reviewed five (5) times each year.  Applications must be turned in to Bonnie Kuepfer (Central Office) by the following dates:

First Cycle:  Applications received by Sept. 1 will be awarded/denied by Oct. 1.

Second Cycle:  Applications received by Nov. 1 will be awarded/denied by Dec. 1.

Third Cycle:  Applications received by Jan. 1 will be awarded/denied by Feb. 1.

Fourth Cycle:  Applications received by March 1 will be awarded/denied by April 1.

Fifth Cycle:  Applications received by May 1 will be awarded/denied by June 1.

Multi-Year Innovation Grant applications will be accepted at any time.

Procedure for submitting ALL grant applications

  1. Give completed application to building liaison.  The liaison will double check application for completion.  Turn in completed application with liaison signature and date to the building principal. Building principal will review, sign, date, and send to Administration Building.

  1. The building principal will present applications (prior to the GLCS Administrative meeting) to the Curriculum Director, the GLCSF Grant Chair, and other administrators, when applicable.

  1. The GLCSF Grant Chair will present the feedback and the signed application to the Grant Committee for final review.

  1. Approved applications will be recommended to the GLCSF Board.  All grant applicants will be notified of award or denial of their request following the GLCSF Board’s decision.

revised 5-2-20