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Florida Voting Restoration Virtual Hub:
Resource and Document Finder for Activists


What is it?

When to use

Getting Started

Voting Restoration Petitioning 2-Page Host Guide

A step-by-step guide that walks through how to successfully host a Petitioning Event for the Voting Restoration Amendment.

Start here if you’d like to learn more about how to organize and execute your petitioning event.

ACLU of Florida at 4343 W. Flagler St., Suite 400, Miami, Florida 33137

The address to mail completed petitions to.

After your petition gathering event, unless you prefer to drop off your petitions in-person at a hub.

Event Creation Link

The place where you create your Voting Restoration Amendment Petitioning Event.

When you are ready to create your event and get it up on our map.

Voting Restoration Event Map

A comprehensive map of all events that are being hosted across Florida.

When you are trying to find events in your area or list an event you are hosting on the map.

Event Management Guide

A guide detailed how to create and manage your event.

When you want to edit event details, track RSVPs to your event, or send an email to your RSVPs.

Petitioning Guides and Documents

Petition Gathering FAQs

A document containing common questions and answers.

When you, a group member, or an elected official have a question.

Voting Restoration Petition

The petition you’ll use when hosting a Voting Restoration Petitioning Event.

You’ll want to print and prepare these to use before your event.

Petition Collection Script

A script for you and and other activists to use when collecting petitions.

Before your event, print and prepare these for members of your group to use during your event.

Do’s and Dont’s of Petition Gathering

A list of helpful tips and reminders for petition gathering.

When you want a refresher on best-practices for petitioning.

How to Train Volunteers

A guide on training volunteers.

Before your event, if you’d like to learn some tips for training and organizing other activists.

Messaging Triangle

A document outlining the significance of the Voting Restoration Amendment.

When you, a group member, or someone you petition wants to learn about why the Voting Restoration Amendment is so important.

Petition Intake Cover Sheet

A cover letter you’ll fill out after your petition event is completed.

After your petitioning event, you’ll return all your petitions and this cover letter to: ACLU of Florida at 4343 W. Flagler St., Suite 400, Miami, Florida 33137

Staying in Touch 

Help Desk Email for People Power

If you have questions about the virtual hub, events, hosting, attending or training materials