KinderTouch FAQ

Q. What is KinderTouch?

A. KinderTouch is a private and secure platform for connecting centers and parents.  

Q. It's nice that KinderTouch can share news, events, photos etc. with parents. How is KinderTouch different from Facebook?

A. There are two important differences. First, KinderTouch is private and secure. It is only open to parents whose children attend your school or coaching organization. Second, KinderTouch offers you many additional features that you need to save time and stay organized, such as lunch ordering, attendance, payments, push notifications, parent directory, and many more. KinderTouch is specially designed for the schools and coaching centers.

Q. How will KinderTouch help children have a better experience at home and school?

A. KinderTouch frees up school staff from routine tedious tasks like managing paperwork, so they can spend more time with children one on one and thus provide a much better learning experience. Parents can see what’s happening while the kids are away from home. This not only comforts the parents but also allows them to have more meaningful conversations with the kids and better support their development.

Q. What kind of centers does KinderTouch target?

A. KinderTouch is designed for early learning centers where parent communication is vital. Examples include preschools, child care centers, day care centers, dance schools, elementary schools, music, soccer and martial arts centers, swim coaching, etc.

Q. What kind of information does the app provide to parents?

A. News, events, alerts, photo albums, school contact information, names of parents whose children are at school, parents who are coming to events, etc.

Q. Will a school put their administrative information like attendance over internet?

A. KinderTouch keeps data private and secure so only the school admins can see them. All users of KinderTouch have to be approved by the school admins. KinderTouch does not share data on facebook. Admins are very willing to use digital attendance so they can stop worrying about paperwork.

Q. Online payment for fees etc - how many schools have infrastructure to accept online payment?

A. In US, majority of schools have a card swipe machine. However, payment via kindertouch app is much more convenient because parents can pay from anywhere, anytime.

Q. How many parents already make use of online payment facility? Is security a concern?

A. Many parents use credit cards to make payment, and would love to pay via the app. KinderTouch uses secure techniques for handling payment information by partnering with the world’s largest payment processing companies such as Global Payments.

Q. What payment gateway service will be used?

A. Global Payments.

Q. How many schools have same or similar idea implemented already?

A. We don’t have this data, but currently very few schools have such apps. Most schools are looking to adopt such a service in near future.

Q. What are the ways in which such an app adds value to schools and parents?

A. Schools get more engagement with parents, so that parents can refer them to more customers. Schools can also get more efficient by adopting the paper processes, and by accepting payments digitally to minimize late payments.

Parents need rich feedback from schools about what the kids are doing and how they are learning. Parents also want time saving features such as paperless lunch ordering and easy payment.

Q.What are the added benefits of the Business version?

A.With the Business version, customers get a custom branded app. Specifically, the app name and logo are customized to the schools name and logo. The colors within the app are also selected to match the school colors. Please note that all plans include technical support.

Q.What is the role of ADMIN in the kindertouch app plans?

A. The ADMIN role has rights to control access to the app content. The ADMIN is responsible for approving the parents and teachers requesting an account within the app. ADMIN is also responsible for posting content such as news, events, albums etc. and for managing payments within the app. Finally, the ADMIN can suspend any user at any time if they are deemed to violate the norms that govern proper use of the app and its content.

Q.How does the app reduce the paperwork load for the staff?

A.The app reduces paperwork by enabling electronic messaging, lunch orders, attendance and payments.

Q.How does KinderTouch help schools manage attendance?

A. Click here to read about attendance.

Q. Is the lunch  ordering setup same in India as in other countries?

A.There are some differences, however in other countries too mothers provide tiffins to their kids as in India; so the lunch menu function in the app is optional as per the school and parent’s choice.

Q.How long does it take between signup to where the admins and parents can start using the app?

A. For the Community and Pro version it is immediate. Within minutes of the admin creating the account, parents can start creating accounts and admins can start approving them. For the Business and Enterprise versions, it usually takes two weeks for the custom branded app to be available in both Apple and Android app stores. Most of this time is taken by Apple app approval process.

Q. What are the steps parents would take to signup for KinderTouch?

A. There are two ways:

  1. Click here to download a template file that you can fill out and send to . Then KinderTouch team will create accounts for all parents and notify them via email
  2. School may tell parents to download app and create account. Once parent creates account, the admin can approve or decline them in the app by tapping on the Admin tab.

Q. How can an admin publish a new lunch menu to Kindertouch?

A. Admin can login to the KinderTouch web portal and click on the Lunch tab. She then has two options: 1) enter the menu item for each day by clicking on the cell for the day, or 2) upload the word, pdf or XLS file and have KinderTouch translate the document into the lunch menu within 24 hours.

Q. What is an Alert?

Alerts are designed for sending emergency notification to parents immediately. The alert system provides the ability to generate a text message (SMS) to families. Alerts are sent via SMS so that they can reach all parents regardless of whether they use a smartphone or cell phone.

Q. Does the alert system rely on school phone lines to generate messages?

No, the alert system does not utilize any phone lines used by the schools.  The alert system is hosted on the KinderTouch network that utilizes Amazon Web Services to provide reliable and robust service.

Q. What type of notifications will be made by the alert system?

A. Currently the alert system sends a text message to all parents who have provided their phone number when registering. In future, alerts may also send emails and voicemails.

Q. What does the alert system cost to the school or center?

A. The alert system is totally FREE! While other vendors charge substantial fees for this functionality, KinderTouch provides this feature free of charge as part of the community plan. Centers can send unlimited alerts each month totally free of charge. This is one of the ways KinderTouch helps schools save money and focus more on teachers and children.

Q. How many phone numbers and email addresses can be stored for each family?

KinderTouch can store an unlimited number of phone numbers and email addresses per student. Simply add as many contacts for each child as desired and specify their phone number and email address.

Q. What is the difference between an emergency notification and a general notification?

A.  You should use an alert only for emergency notification. For general notification about non-urgent matters, please use the News feature.

Q. Who can send an alert via KinderTouch?

A.  Only users with Admin privileges can send alerts via KinderTouch.

Q. How can I make sure the school has up to date contact information for my child?

A. You can update your contact information at any point in the KinderTouch app or the web portal. Please make sure you keep your contact information up to date so that you receive important alerts from the school.

Q. How can I change my password?

A. First log into the app, then tap the Admin tab at the bottom to visit the Admin screen.

On the admin screen, tap the button called Change Password.


Q. Where can I find more information about how Admins can use the app?

A. Click here to learn more about the features that are designed for use by center Admins.

Q. What is Account Access Control?

A. Account Access Control is  a feature for admin users, where he/she can manage account requests, it further divided into three categories :

Q. How does KinderTouch app manages an event’s attending and may be attending list?

A. There is a check icon on every event posts on events listing page where parents can confirm that they are attending this event by tapping on it. also there is a “?” icon, by tapping it parents can confirm that they may attend this event.

Q. If the authorized person is not a user of KinderTouch, he/she can contact the center admin who can provide the pin to them <how??>.

> This can be done in the web portal

 1) Admin logs into the web portal using their login credentials

2) Navigate to the directory page for their center

3) Admin creates a new user contact in the directory. Filling out appropriate information (valid email or phone number is required) and specifying child association in the form

4) Once created, Admin selects the "Invite User" option under the newly created contact in the directory

5) The new user will receive a notification if phone and/or email is valid. The message will detail their PIN and how to use it. They will also receive login credentials to the app/web portal.

6) Admin and new user can log in to the web portal at any time to review the PIN

Q. Where do we find/change the pin?

Web Portal : Admin > Directory > Send PIN

Mobile App: More > Show Pin

Q. How I can receive emails or notifications when any signIn/Out, news, events, newsletter, albums are posted in school?

This can be done through mobile Kt app.

  1. Login as admin/teacher/parent in mobile kt app.
  2. Go to “More” option at extreme bottom right side.
  3. Select “Push Preferences” option.
  4. Select email or push option/icon  (mark it green) for whichever module you want to receive emails or push notification respectively.

Q. How to report an error in case of app crash?

When app crashes, it shows a message "Unfortunately, Kinder Touch has stopped.", with two buttons "Ok" and "Report". Click on "Report", user is redirected to Feedback page. Just enter a brief about where the app has crashed, e.g. if at login, just write Login, if at album section, just write Album and tap on send icon at top right corner. This action will send us the required information to research on your issue.

Q. How to download pics from kt app?

1. Login on Kt mobile app.

2. Click on Albums folder tab at bottom end.

3. Further select the album.

4. On Extreme right side, click on download icon.

5. Your image will be saved.