MOC General Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2013

Trip Reports

Leith biked to Mont St. Hilaire this past weekend! He and four other people biked a roundtrip 100km, chilled and smelled the almost-winter air. Unfortunately they didn’t go mountain biking on the mountain. Lamesauce!


Julien begrudgingly admitted to having done trail work with Sarah.


Dave was doing work with Project Montreal and getting people to vote while his roommate went to Orford and went on a sweet hike. Jealousy ensued.


Anna went to the house, did some homework and also went on a new and exciting hike! She went downstream along the river and would recommend it to future house-goers.


Sarah has the first draft of the map ready and she will put it on the MOC computer so we can see it. Pretty cool! Also, there are now climbable cliffs 10 minutes from the house if you are interested! For now they are somewhat unsafe and unofficial so stay tuned for future developments, or you can maybe convince our climbing exec Elodie to take you!


Trip Announcements

Elodie is running a climbing day trip to the house on Sunday and it is going to be good weather!!! Yes. Definitely sunny. The only fee is gas ($5). Did I mention that there will be sunshine?


Kaelan is running a beginner horseback trip this Saturday and is looking for drivers. The trip is leaving at 10am and returning at 4pm. Cheaper cost for drivers! This is for all the drivers our there who secretly want to ride a horse…


Amandine is running “Icebreakers” November 23rd-24th! The first of two – Max will be running another in early December (7-8). He has sent out an email on the listserv. The idea is that you go canoeing when it’s really cold and break ice that is on the lake! It will be in the United States of America so you need a valid passport. As always, drivers are needed. $35 cost, $15 if you are a driver. It’s a classic and you should go even just for the titanic jokes! Act quickly, spots fill up fast!



Knut is organizing an MOC poker run ‘unrace’. There will be prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd for the best poker hand and best blackjack hand. Will be held early morning of November 17th. You’ll get a map of the course with 5 locations marked. You have to choose your route and will get cards at each location. The total amount of biking will be around 30km. Cheap entry fee, volunteers needed. He will send an email out to the listserv! He will also be showing a sick Norwegian outdoors film at an upcoming MOC meeting.


The weekend of November 23rd – 24th, Hossein will be running a trip to the biggest mountain in Southern Quebec – Mont Gosford! So, not a very big mountain. This will be held the first weekend after the hunting season of moose(s) finishes, so no one will be shot. The hike will be 10km on the first day, camping on the mountain overnight and then coming back the next day. $30 total cost, $20 deposit.


November 16th- 17th - Woodsmen weekend! Easy trip! Canoeing, how to orienteer, grow a beard, build a fire, how to chop wood. We have giant saws. You have to wear plaid the whole weekend strictly for safety reasons. $35 for regular people, $15 for drivers.


Sarah is doing trail work on the same weekend as the woodsmen trip – November 16th-17th. Free house stay!


Adventure grants are open! Do it do it do it! The details were outlined last week but here they are again!


The Winter Adventure Grant. This an MOC subsidy to do a cool trip and get $200 of it paid for! Steps and/or Rules:

1.     Write us a trip proposal and send it to by the deadline, November 18, 2013.

2.     You cannot be a current exec to apply for the adventure grant. You also cannot be an executive in the winter semester of this year.

3.     The bulk of your trip must include non-motorized transportation.

4.     You need to come back and give us a presentation on your awesome trip the following semester.


In the past, people have canoed the Saguenay, skied in James Bay, built ice houses and experienced rum freezing right next to where they slept.




Elections are being held at the MOC meeting on November 27th. Perks: free house stay, half price gear rentals, awesome people. Open positions: Downhill Skiing/Boarding, XC Ski, Ice Climbing, Telemark Skiing, Winter Recreation, Winter Camping. The Gear Exec position will also be open. New this year: Frosh Exec! We have been running outdoor frosh for 4 years and it has always been friggin awesome! In an effort to make frosh better and more organized we are creating a position for a frosh exec. Your duties would include heading a committee, looking for sponsors, hiring trip leaders, and finding places to go. The ideal candidate would be in Montreal over the summer! Don’t worry, we have a frosh manual. Good luck!


Note: There is going to be a group of about 40 people going to the house this weekend so don’t expect quietness!