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Localization into 8 European languages and help authoring solutions for Indigo Byte Systems

Indigo Byte LLC is a Russian software developer with a focus on technologies for automatically documenting software. The company's flagship product, Dr.Explain (, makes the documentation process more efficient by offering the following features:


  •  Automating the time-intensive process of creating program documentation
  •  Simplifying export of documentation into the most popular help formats
  •  Applying advanced support for graphics manipulation

Alconost’s tasks

     Localize the program interface into the most popular European languages

     Create multilingual description pages for the product website

     Update and revise the existing documentation for Dr.Explain


     The structure of documentation became more straightforward and easy to navigate. New sections and important topics were added to the content.

     Dr.Explain was completely localized into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Dutch.

     International traffic to the website increased: better conversion rates (Italy, Germany, France, Latin America) helped the company to quickly break even on its investment in localization.

     Ongoing work to translate the documentation into the most popular European languages.

Alconost: a one-stop shop for IT localization

Advantage No. 1

All of the translation of the Dr.Explain interface was performed by professional translators who are native speakers of their respective target languages.

Advantage No. 2

All communication and problem-solving went through a dedicated project manager at Alconost. The interface was translated into eight languages simultaneously, but the time involvement and coordination required from the client were minimal.

Advantage No. 3

Alconost has specialists in all areas, from translators to technical writers and managers who can develop clear specifications and convey these to the necessary specialists.

Special requirements for Dr.Explain

Translation and editing of the documentation were performed in Dr.Explain itself, so it was key that the translators and editors had a comprehensive grasp of how the program works.


The dedicated project manager at Alconost was responsible not only for communication and sending deliverables, but for helping to train and familiarize translators with use of the program.


Another key requirement for translators and overall translation quality was knowledge of XML/HTML, since it was crucial to maintain the formatting and section structure of the documentation.

Denis Zhuravlev, CEO, Indigo Byte Systems

“We have come to Alconost time and again for several years now, and the main reason is the peace of mind that they give us. When we are working on new product versions, we don't even have to think about localization or translation. We just send off the strings or documents to get translated. Soon the result is sent back to us, in eight languages and to an excellent standard of quality.


We do not have to spend time looking for and evaluating individual translators, testing them, checking their work and explaining the product to them, or having to worry about their busy schedules or if someone is sick or on vacation... nothing of the sort!


Alconost takes care of all of these issues by itself. And we get the result we need, when we need it!  This saves us a huge amount of time and lets us concentrate on developing our product. They have been pleasant to deal with as well as smart, giving us quite a few ideas for our business.”

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