Dear EMU Cabinet and Board of Directors,

When the solicitation charges against Luke Hartman first came to light, we, as alumni of EMU, were shocked and saddened to hear this news. We heard EMU’s call for prayer and grace, and trusted that our university was taking appropriate steps to deal with the situation.

More information became public over the past several months, including a terrifying testimony from a former EMU student of abuse she suffered from Luke Hartman and an open letter from Lindale Mennonite Church explaining that multiple people in positions of authority at Mennonite institutions knew that Hartman was in an abusive relationship. A history of sexual abuse known to church and university leaders has been illuminated, and we are stunned, angry, and hurt that EMU has yet to put out a public statement that both clearly condemns sexual violence and apologizes both to Lauren Shifflett and to the larger EMU community for a lack of intervention. We feel that our prior trust in the university has been violated.

We have read the campus-wide email that was sent in the days after Lauren’s experience became public, and while we appreciate EMU’s acknowledgement that “many people have been hurt in a variety of ways,” we feel that this statement is inadequate for the situation at hand. A detailed list of the reasons why we feel this way can be found here.

We believe that it is important for our university to explicitly acknowledge Lauren’s pain with a public apology for the trauma she has suffered. We also believe that our university owes both Lauren and its former and current students the following things:

  • An apology for placing us in harm’s way
  • A clear, verbalized, public stance against abuse and sexual violence, which has not thus far been shown by word or action
  • A demonstrated commitment to dismantling the culture of shame and fear that facilitates abuse and sexual violence
  • Transparency and accountability in the months to come as we all deal with the fallout of this trauma

As alumni of EMU, we feel particularly betrayed by the way our university’s response thus far has not lived up to the intellectual, moral, and spiritual ideals instilled in us by this very institution. It was at EMU that many of us first learned to place conflict and trauma in a wider context and to think critically about systems of power and oppression; and yet, EMU’s response to the serious allegations of abuse by Luke Hartman has not demonstrated this sort of awareness. To quote Hilary Jerome Scarsella,

Abuse, even when it manifests between two individuals, is about wider problems of power and control. Institutions, particularly educational institutions like EMU, have an ethical and legal responsibility to do everything in their power to create a climate in which members of the community are protected from the threat of violence, including the violence of abuse. Thus, when a leader in such an institution perpetrates such violence it must be investigated thoroughly and transparently.

We have not yet seen this sort of transparency demonstrated, and we no longer feel confident that our university fulfilled its ethical and legal responsibilities of doing everything in its power to create a climate in which we were and are protected from the threat of violence.

We care deeply about EMU as an institution, even though we no longer live on campus. EMU is committed to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. Please demonstrate to current students, us and all other former students, and the broader community that this is true.

[If you would like to add your name to this letter, please email us at We are continuing to collect signatures until the end of June.]

**On April 22, 2016, Loren Swartzendruber sent the following email to EMU faculty, staff, and current students

**On April 24, 2016, we [Erika Babikow & Emily Harnish] sent the following email to all those who signed the EMU Alumni Open Letter


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