Tony and the Butterfly

by Judith Marra Scott  (Gold)


Write what you know about butterflies before reading this story?

The wing can’t mend the butterfly wing!

Add the missing words to the following paragraph and then answer the questions that follow. Underline the words that helped you find the answers.


Tony felt _very______, very sad.  He put some _water________ in the dish and the butterfly fluttered ___one___ wing.  It ____sipped_____ some water and sipped some more, but it _did_______ not move.


Tony _sat_______ for a long, long time, ____until______ the butterfly stopped sipping water and was very, very still.  “My __butterfly_________ has died,” he said.


How did Tony know that the butterfly had died? 


The butterfly is not



How long did it take for the butterfly to die? 

 Long time



Did Tony care about the butterfly? What clues did you find in the text to help you with this question?






Write what you have learnt about butterflies after reading this story?