John Mullan Dinner at Eastern Washington University

215 B&C Tawanka on Campus - 6:30 to 9:30

Map One: Close Up

The red circle indicates the location of Tawanka, where the dinner takes place.

The yellow circle, for reference, is a big construction site, and the green dot on the right, for reference for those of you who came to the Friday night reception, is the direction of the Youngs house.

Notice that the corner of Elm Street and North Ninth provides a good reference point for finding Tawanka -- parking in the area, including on campus lots, should be easy on Saturday evening.

Map Two: The Big Picture

Red circle is circling Tawanka. Green dot is direction of Youngs house.

Note also, link below takes you to the map on the EWU web site.

Click here to see campus map on EWU web site.