When grading your work, instructors can provide you feedback through scores, letter grades, text-based comments, or with file attachments. Although it is easy to see the grade and text feedback your instructor has entered, many students are unaware of how to retrieve feedback instructors have left in the form of file attachments, such as Word documents that have comments and corrections embedded in them. To review feedback file attachments from your instructor:

  1. Click the My Grades button within your course.

  2. The My Grades page displays information about the cummulative score for the course and individual assignments and activities.

  3. To view the text comments given by the instructor, click the Comments link below a grade.

  4. Click on the name of the assignment to review the submission history in more detail.
  5. If your instructor has attached a file with additional feedback, you will see it listed under the Grader Feedback heading.

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