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Benefits of Choral Singing/Why/Articles/Citations/Literature
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Benefits of Music Education & Choral Singing


How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins [TED Talk]

Can Music Help Make You a Genius?

Author Daniel Pink is interviewed about his book “When” 

Science points to timing when & why to do creative work & team activities. Pink calls out the powerful benefits of choral training from 4 min. & 43 sec., on.

TEDxSydney - Richard Gill - The Value of Music Education

Early Music Lessons Have Longtime Benefits

Does Music Change a Child's Brain? | John Iversen | TEDxSanDiego

What if every child had access to music education from birth? | Anita Collins | TEDxCanberra

Emotional Intelligence and Music | Maria Iturriaga | TEDxBerkleeValencia

Stop ‘Defending’ Music Education

The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity

A Cognitive Crescendo:

How Music Affects Our Brain Function

The Benefits of Music Education

Review of Literature By The Royal Conservatory


20 Important Benefits of Music Education

Is Music the Key to Success?

Musically Trained Students Do Better In School…


Research Shows that Musical Training Boosts IQ, Focus and Persistence

Singers Have Stronger Group Identity than Team Sports Players: research


Music Training Sharpens Brain Pathways, Studies Say


Singing in a Choir Could be Good for Our Psychological Well Being

Group Singing has been Scientifically Proven to Lower Stress, Relieve Anxiety and Elevate Endorphins

Music of Kindness: Playing Together Strengthens Empathy in Children


Just a Few Years of Music Training Early in Life Benefits Adult Brains



New Evidence of Mental Benefits From Music Training


This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On Music.


Science Shows How Piano Players' Brains Are Actually Different From Everybody Elses'

Music lessons may boost poor kids' brainpower, study suggests


How Playing Music Affects the Developing Brain


Musicians Use Both Sides of Their Brains More Frequently than Average People


YouTube: Why Music Matters


Engaging Your City’s Youth Through the Arts


John Rutter: The Importance of Choir (video)

Music lessons spur emotional and behavioral growth in children, new study says

Musical Training Creates New Brain Connections in Children