Dear Parents,

As we finish out the school year, we want to encourage you to continue to support your children as they practice their social problem solving skills.  Students are now familiar with the students in their class and you may hear about conflicts occurring between students more than you did earlier in the year.  Teachers and school staff continue to support and teach conflict resolution in the moment it occurs.  Here are some of the strategies we use when we notice a problem or when a problem is reported:

Sometimes students feel they are being bullied.  Any time students use the word bully at school, teachers notify the Principal or Assistant Principal to determine if bullying is occurring and to follow the school’s bully protocol.  Please see this presentation for the definition of bullying and more information.

If you child is reporting conflicts to you, we encourage you to ask them if they feel the problem has been solved.  If not, encourage them to report to the teacher.  You are always welcomed and encouraged to contact the teacher, so that the teacher can make sure your child is safe and to support all the children in improving their conflict resolution skills.