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Installation of Z-Tile Ledgestone Cladding


Following is a method of installation for our Z-Tile Ledgestone cladding.

Product weight: 60-65kg per m2

Installation Height: Up to 4 metres


Substrate - Brick                                


- Substrate and cladding should be clean and dust free.                                


- Kerabond Plus mixed with Isolastic 50 or Keraflex Maxi

Apply the Adhesive to both the substrate and to the back of the stone.

Mechanical Fixing

- Mechanical pinning to be installed at intervals of 600mm vertical.

Installation Restrictions

- Less that 1200mm vertical height to be installed in a day.


Substrate: Villaboard / Stone Board                                


- Installation of expanded metal sheeting to the surface of the stone sheet. Fixed by screws at 150mm centres (Recommendation only).


- Kerabond Plus mixed with Isolastic 50 or Keraflex Maxi

- Apply Adhesive to both the substrate and the back of the natural stone.


Additional Mechanical Fixing                        

- Support angles to be permanently installed under any free standing cladding stone. i.e. - above window openings, free standing entryways.


Please Note - All work to be carried out in accordance with Australian Building Standards.

Materials used in accordance with manufacturer's specifications. - All Substrate expansion joints to be mirrored into stone work.

eStone Direct take no responsibility on the installation of material supplied. Refer to our terms and conditions https://estonedirect.com.au/pages/terms-conditions for more information.