Mountain Bike

  1. Lights: rear and front, working, correct number, clear of debris.
  2. Speedometer
  3. Brake pads clean and functioning.
  4. Wheels: tyres inflated, rims clean, no oil, turning okay.
  5. All cables, brake and gears: clean, oiled, tension adequate.
  6. Saddle, correct for ride, adjusted, tightened.
  7. Gears and chain: wipe down, clean, oiled.
  8. Water bottles, filled.


  1. Helmet, no cracks, no strap entanglement.
  2. Helmet rear light working, brigh.
  3. Halo headband, head cap.
  4. Gloves, arm-warmers and socks.
  5. Clear glasses / sun glasses: washed and antifog applied.
  6. iPhone with waterproofing.
  7. Reflective ankle bands.
  8. Shoes.

Wallet and Energy

  1. Cash and coins
  2. Cards: medical, credit card, identity card / passport
  3. House keys
  4. Energy gel.
  5. Electrolyte tablets.
  6. Salon pas/Deep heat


  1. Spare inner tube, powdered, in ziploc
  2. Tyre puncture repair kit complete, adequate condition.
  3. Alan key toolkit.
  4. Sunblock & Brave Soldier.
  5. Pump.
  6. Saddle cover.
  7. First aid kit.