Student Handbook

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132 White Knoll Way

West Columbia, SC  29210



Lexington One Vision:  

Empower each child to design the future.

Lexington One Mission:

Our mission is to cultivate a caring community where ALL learners are extraordinary communicators, collaborators, creators and critical thinkers.

White Knoll Elementary Mission Statement


The mission of White Knoll Elementary is to create a high performance learning culture where a safe and nurturing environment, innovative teaching and challenging programs produce physical,emotional, social and academic excellence for all students.

Recognizing that each child is an individual, we will foster life-long desire for learning with the cooperation and coordination of family, school, and community in order that our children will reach their fullest potential and become responsible and contributing members of a global society.

White Knoll Elementary Vision Statement


The students of WKE are a 21st century generation of learners and leaders who are creative, collaborative, critical thinkers, and effective communicators. A challenging standards-based

curriculum is delivered by highly knowledgeable educators, who in partnership with families and the community, provide opportunities for excellence as individual needs are met in a caring, positive environment.

ARRIVAL/DISMISSAL, Delayed Opening Schedule

    The building opens each day for students at 7:00 am. Students should not arrive at school earlier that 7:00 am, as students will not be properly supervised. The instructional day begins at 7:40. Arriving anytime after 7:40 will result in a tardy.

    If school opens on a delayed schedule due to inclement weather or other difficulties, buses will run their normal routes two hours later than usually scheduled. For example, if regular bus pick-up is 6:30 am, on delayed schedule, bus pick-up will be 8:30 am.  School will begin two hours later than the normal starting time.

    Students will report to their homeroom class.  Following a brief homeroom period they will be dismissed to the class regularly scheduled at that time.  The normal schedule will be followed for the remainder of the day.

    4K classes will not meet if there is a delayed opening of school.

Early Dismissal

    Students dismissed during the school day must be signed out personally in the office.  Only parents/guardians are permitted to sign out students.  Please be aware that individuals listed as “emergency contacts” will need written permission from a parent/guardian every time they are needed to dismiss a child early from school.   ID’s (Driver License) will be required for student dismissal. NO STUDENTS WILL BE DISMISSED AFTER 2:00.

    In order for a student to be counted present for the day he or she must be in attendance until 11:03. This is mandated through our state attendance system.  

     Students and teachers are notified by e-mail each afternoon about changes in pick-up or after-school arrangements.  If you need to change arrangements during the day, please call prior to 1:45 p.m.  This is for changes only.  If you know the arrangements are to be different at the beginning of the day, a note to the teacher will be sufficient. All changes in dismissal must be in writing (note, fax, e-mail) or parent must verify student information over the phone.


Student Drop-Off

    We need your assistance in making our car unloading process safe and efficient.  Please DO NOT PARK anywhere in the loading lanes.  Unload only from the passenger side against the curb.  If you need to enter the building for any reason, please park in the front school parking lot and cross at the crosswalk.  Safety of students is a priority and we ask that parents do not drop students off in the parking lot.

     Please be patient.  Most parents bring their students to school the first couple of days.  Traffic conditions generally improve after the first week.  

    Cars should always pull forward beyond the crosswalk when space is available to unload.

    Generally, after 7:20, cars arriving from Kitti Wake Drive may enter the bus loading area to drop off students.  Side entrance doors are locked at 7:40 each morning for safety reasons. Parents dropping off after 7:40 will need to drop off in front of the school.


Student Pick-Up

   In order to make the afternoon pick-up process safe and efficient, please note the following information:

  1. Parents/Guardians must register with the school office if they plan to pick- up students by car.  A special table is set-up for this at registration and will be handled by the receptionist in the office once school begins.
  2. Each family (or car pool) will be assigned a number.  This number will be posted on a mirror hanger which will be given to parents to display on the rearview mirror. A replacement tag can be reissued from the office. This year first through fifth grade students will be issued purple tags, and kindergarten students and their siblings will be issued yellow.
  3. Cars will line-up in a DOUBLE LANE for loading at the side loop of the school. Parents of kindergarten and siblings will form a line on the inside part of the loop.  The inside line will proceed forward until directed over to the loading area for kindergarten students and their siblings.
  4. NO CARS can be left unattended.  If the driver needs to leave the car for any reason, it must be parked in a space in the parking lot, in front of the school.
  5. Duty teachers/staff will call family numbers and students will load in the appropriate car.  Staff members will be on duty on the breezeway to expedite this process.
  6. Students not picked up by 2:45 will be moved to the front office.
  7. Students not picked up by 3:00 will be sent to the after-school care program housed at WKE.  This will incur an additional charge for parents.  If you have an emergency and cannot pick-up your child, please call the school office and we will make limited temporary arrangements.


    A child can be expected to be successful in school if attendance is regular.  A student should be in school every day that he/she is physically able.

State law and a district policy set specific rules for lawful and unlawful absences.  

    Students who are absent more than ten (10) days during the 180 day school year must have a written excuse from a licensed/certified health practitioner for those days in excess of ten(10).  In addition, any student who is absent more than twenty (20) days during the school year may not be eligible for promotion.

    A note is required for each absence and should be sent to school no later than the student's third day back.  After three consecutive unlawful or a total of five unlawful absences, the principal or designee will work with the parent to improve student attendance.  Students who continue to be absent unlawfully will be referred to Family Court.


   Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students will receive recognition for various accomplishments  in their classrooms.  

    Our annual Awards Day program for 5th grade is tentatively set for May 31, 2019.  

*Not all students are recognized on Award’s Day. Please check with your child’s teacher the day before to see if your child will be recognized.


    Parents of WKE students are always welcome and encouraged to visit our school.  Visitation to the classroom must be restricted to the classroom in which your child is a member and scheduled at a time convenient for the class.  Other children are not permitted to visit in the classroom (siblings, etc.).  Parents desiring conferences will schedule these with the teacher at a time when instruction will not be interrupted for the children.  Classroom visits are not conference times.  All school visitation policies must be followed as outlined below.

    All visitors on campus must register in the school office and receive a visitor’s badge.  This is to assure the safety and security of our students while on campus.  Individuals not adhering to requirements will be asked to leave campus (school law).  Visitor badges will be required of all visitors who go beyond the main lobby area. Classroom visits cannot disrupt learning and should last less than one hour.



    Students are released at 11:40 from school on September 19th, October 17,  December 5th, and March 6th. These days are set aside for teachers to meet and collaboratively plan lessons to better meet the needs of students.


    White Knoll Elementary School has a Crisis Management Plan which includes a monthly fire drill, two tornado drills, two earthquake drills, two bus evacuation drills, and also lockdown and lockout drills each year.  As part of this plan, entrance doors are unlocked during arrival time each morning.  During the school day most doors, except the front doors, are kept locked.  Tardy students must enter the front door and come to the office to sign-in.  All parents, volunteers, and visitors are required to stop by the front office to sign in and get a visitor's badge.  In the event of a crisis, please listen to your radio for instructions and information.  In the event of a major crisis, district, state, and county officials will be on hand to assist.  Your patience and understanding will be appreciated in this event.  Please do not call the school or enter the building.


       Students at WKE are expected to contribute to the school community by respecting all staff members, obeying class and school rules, and giving their best efforts to achieve academic success. Students are expected to be safe, be responsible, and be respectful at all times.  There are several general expectations to be followed school-wide:


  1. All teachers, staff, and classmates are to be treated with respect by not using profane, indecent, vulgar, or cutting words.  Facial expressions and attitudes should reflect respect.
  2. Personal items which interfere with the learning process should not be brought to school (radios, Ipods, MP3 players, toys, gameboys, trading cards, gum, candy, etc.).  Items confiscated become the property of the school and are sent to the office for storage. Electronic devices must be kept in a bookbag powered off.
  3. Clothing and dress should adhere to the WKE Dress Code.
  4. Students must have permission (pass) to be anywhere unaccompanied by a teacher or staff member.
  5. These expectations may be more specifically defined as procedures for the following areas:


    Students should report to assigned places (classrooms or gym) and not linger in the lobby in the mornings.  



    Students are expected be safe by walking to and from the restroom, wash hands with soap and water, keep walls and floor clean and dry and ensure one student per stall. Students are expected to be responsible by working together to keep bathrooms clean, putting trash away in the trash cans, flushing toilets, and reporting any bathroom problems to a teacher.  Students in grades 2-5 will sign out in the classroom and sign back in when returning.  Students are expected to be respectful in the bathroom by respecting privacy, respecting school property and by maintaining level O (quiet and calm) expectations in staying quiet while in the bathroom.



    Students are expected to be safe by keeping rocks, sand and woodchips on the ground, wearing tennis shoes on the equipment, refrain from jumping off the equipment, no tag games on the equipment or mulched areas, staying inside the track at all times, and not walking up the slides.  Students are expected to be responsible by lining up immediately when the whistle blows, and telling a teacher when a problem occurs.  Students are expected to be responsible by taking care of school equipment and property, respecting the space of others, follow game rules, invite others to play, take turns and using polite language.  Any type of pushing, shoving, play fighting will not be tolerated. Games that require tackling or physical actions are not permitted.  


    Students are expected to be safe by walking on the right side of halls facing forward, keeping their hands by their side, and not run.  Students are expected to be responsible by having permission to enter a class, picking up trash when visible, and go directly to and from their destination.  Students are expected to be respectful by being on level 0 (quiet and calm) at all times in the hallways, staying in designated walking areas, keeping hands and feet off the wall and to keep hats/hoods off their head.


    Students are expected to be safe by walking at all times in the cafeteria, sitting appropriately on their seat, remaining seated unless given permission, and using both hands to carry a tray.  Students are expected to be responsible by leaving their area and table cleaner than they found it, make sure you have everything needed before you sit and eat, and make sure all food and drink stay in eating area. Students are expected to be respectful by maintaining quiet in food pick up line and while the music is playing (level 0).  Students should be using level 1 voices inside cafeteria when music is off and wait patiently when picking up and emptying trays.


    Students are expected to be safe in the classroom by keeping hands, feet and personal items to self, sitting in assigned area, walking at all times, and leaving space between others in line.  Students are expected to be responsible by following all directions, remain in assigned area during instruction, using materials the way they were intended and having all materials ready for each day.  Students are expected to be respectful in the classroom by raising hands and waiting to be called on, listening quietly when others are talking and using kind words when addressing others.

    Teachers attempt to deal with violations of the expectations in their own classrooms by first contacting the parents before office referrals.  If a problem continues after parental involvement, or if the offense is of a serious nature, the office becomes involved.  Information is then gathered by the Assistant Principals from the teacher and those involved in order to make a fair assessment of the situation.  

   Consequences for offenses will be tailored to the severity of the offense.  Parental contact is maintained throughout this process.  Any questions should be directed to administration.



    Bullying will not be tolerated.  Disciplinary steps will be taken if a student intimidates or threatens another student in any way, in an ongoing manner.


Sexual Harassment

    Inappropriate verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature at school is prohibited by school board policy and regulation.  Sexual harassment is prohibited against members of the same sex as well as members of the opposite sex.  The policy and regulation define sexual harassment, reporting procedures and consequences.  Any student who experiences sexually offensive comments or actions by another student or adult at school or school-sponsored functions is strongly encouraged to tell a parent, teacher, counselor or principal.  Parents who have reason to believe that their child has been subjected to sexual harassment should report this behavior to the principal.


    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a systems approach to preventing and responding to school and classroom discipline problems. PBIS develops school-wide systems that support staff to teach and promote positive behavior in all students. Students will learn strategies through the “Acting Right” program to help maximize their learning.  By reducing behavioral problems, PBIS creates and maintains safe learning environments where teachers can teach and students can learn.

White Knoll Elementary has developed a version of PBIS called WKE - Positive Reinforcement System.  We are focusing on the positive behavior of ALL students.  Please see the information below:

What:  Positive Reinforcement System  - Cub Cash

Cub Cash is given for over and above acts of being safe, being respectful, being responsible, being kind and good character. Cub cash can be tied to classroom management systems when students adhere to good classroom behaviors over long periods of time. For example, students who have met all classroom expectations for the entire week may earn cub cash. Classroom management systems must be effective for Cub Cash to be issued with fairness. This is a positive system only; we will recognize positive behaviors only. This is not a deficit model.

Each student will be given a lanyard by administration at the beginning of the year with a positive button. Students will be able “purchase” buttons with cub cash at the end of each month for 5 cub cash dollars.

Each month, students’ names will be entered in a drawing for a prize at the end of the 9 weeks. Students’ names will be entered by the number of buttons purchased. (Example: 10 cub cash dollars = 2 entries)

Who: All stakeholders of WKE. Teachers, Staff, Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Staff, Custodial Staff

When: There will be grade level celebrations the last Friday of every month. We will not have a celebration party in December.

September 28th

*October 26th - 1st 9 weeks attendance pins to be issued

November 30th

*January 25th  - 2nd 9 weeks attendance pins issued

March 1st

*March 29th - 3rd 9 weeks attendance pins issued

April 26th

*May 31st  - 4th 9 weeks attendance pins issued

*Attendance pins are issued to students who have perfect attendance in the 9 weeks, as well as no more than 3 tardies and/or 3 early dismissals. 



    WKE recognizes the importance of encouraging high standards in dress and personal grooming.  Students should dress in a manner conducive to good behavior and to the creation of a good educational atmosphere in the school.  We encourage our students to dress with care and dignity.

    No clothing should be worn that will distract from the orderly process of learning.  As fashion trends continue to change, the dress code at WKE is generally governed by the standards listed above.  

    Specifically, shoes worn at WKE must conform to state law standards. Shoes should be chosen with practicality in mind (variety of walking surfaces, physical education, etc.). All pants/shirts are to be worn at the natural waistline.  Shorts may be no shorter than the fingertips or mid-thigh length when standing straight and arms relaxed by the side. Spray in hair color is not permitted.

        If a student’s dress is deemed inappropriate, he/she will be notified privately by the office or a faculty member.  Parents will be called to bring a change of clothing.  If there is doubt about the acceptability of a particular item or style, please check with the administration.  The decision of the school as to the acceptability of school clothing is final.  Hats are not permitted on campus unless part of a sanctioned school activity or “hat day”.

    A complete listing for the dress code is found in the district handbook.


    White Knoll Elementary School cafeteria operates under the micro-check process for meal fees.  The program works in this way:


  1. Students may purchase any amount of lunches, but at least ten at one time is recommended. WKE accepts Visa and MasterCard.  Parents are not allowed to use the student’s lunch card when purchasing a lunch.
  2. Beginning 2018-19 school year breakfast will be offered to all students without charge. Breakfast will be delivered to each classroom by 7.30 and students will begin instruction at 7.45.                                        
  3. The student is issued a “debit card” kept by the teacher.
  4. Each time a student eats, the card is presented to the cashier and the meal amount is deducted from the student’s account.  This deduction only occurs when the card is presented to the cashier and scanned by the machine.
  5. School messenger will notify parents/guardians Wednesday evenings when lunch accounts are low or at a negative balance.
  6. If there are problems with your account, please feel free to call the cashier at 821-4598. A printout can be provided detailing lunch activity on your child’s account.
  7. A free/reduced lunch program is available to all students who qualify. Forms are sent home at the beginning of the year and are always available in the school office.  Contact the school cafeteria manager with questions about qualifications for the program.
  8. WKE participates in the Offer versus Serve Program.  This means a student may elect to take 3 of 5 food items offered.  We encourage students to take all 5 items to prevent food waste.


LUNCH FEES: The lunch program at WKE is a prepay program.  Therefore, students are not allowed to charge lunch.  Every effort will be made by the White Knoll Elementary school administration and the lunchroom head cashier to notify parents in writing when the prepaid amount on their child’s lunch card reaches a $5.00 balance.  Your child’s report card will be held until lunch accounts are paid.

STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHARGE A LUNCH. Alternate meals will begin when balances reach $10.00 this year. Every effort should be made to pay the lunch balance to ensure students’ eligibility in end of year activities.


 Students owing lunch money will not be permitted to use their pocket change to purchase extra items at lunchtime. Parents are responsible for paying past lunch debts even if a child qualifies for free or reduced meals. Lunch debt from a previous year must be paid to make certain there are no delays in registering for the next school year.



Breakfast Provided

Lunch     $2.90 per meal

Adult Breakfast $2.40 per meal

Adult Lunch   $ 3.90 per meal



     The School Counseling Program at WKE is based on the belief that guidance is an integral part of the total educational experience of every child and can help ALL children learn more efficiently and effectively.  Our program is both developmental and preventive, focusing on the American School Counseling Association National Standards for Students. In partnership with other educators, parents and the community, WKE counselors promote a climate which ensures each child the opportunity to reach his/her fullest potential and become responsible and contributing members of a global society.



     A registered nurse operates the Health Room at White Knoll Elementary School daily.  The Health Room is equipped to render first aid to a child who is injured at school, or becomes ill at school only until the parent arrives.  The school nurse does not provide extended care for a sick child, make diagnoses, or treat injuries requiring more than basic first aid.


Lexington School District One has established criteria for keeping your child at home. A partial list follows:


1.        Any contagious disease that causes your child to not feel well

2.        Fever of 100 degrees or higher (or 99 degrees if taken under

          The arm) within 24 hours            

3.        Red eyes or drainage from the eyes

4.        Undiagnosed or rapidly spreading rashes or skin eruptions

5.        Vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours



Other illnesses can be addressed by viewing the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control’s list of school and childcare exclusions at http://www.scdhec.gov/health/disease/exclusion.htm. Please contact the school nurse (Whitney Rucker) at 821-4523 with questions or concerns.





    The instructional program at our school focuses on language arts (reading, English, word study, handwriting, and writer’s workshop), math, social studies and science. Students also attend weekly classes in music, art, Spanish, and physical education. WKE is partnering with Code to the Future; providing access and opportunity for students to prepare for their future by solving problems in a fun and exciting way. The media center serves classroom teachers and provides individual students opportunities for leisure time reading and research.  Special education classes and programs for the gifted are also part of the curriculum.  Intervention reading and math classes are offered for qualifying students.

     The services of a psychologist, school counselors, speech therapists, and a registered nurse are also available.


    Students are not to distribute invitations at school to parties and activities outside the school unless the entire class is invited (or all boys, or all girls).  If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact an administrator.


    Whenever possible, payments should be made by check for food services, school pictures, fees/school insurance, PTO purchases, and field trips. Sometimes students may need to bring cash to school for specific purposes such as purchasing supplies at the school store or ice cream in the cafeteria.  Parents should place such money in an envelope with student's name written on it as well as the purpose of the money.  Neither the teacher nor the school will be responsible for lost or misplaced money.

    Toys, electronic devices and trading cards are not allowed at school.  Please discourage students from bringing toys and personal items not related to the educational program to school.  If students bring these things to school, they may be taken by the teacher and released later to the parents.



    The school office must have a telephone number at which parents can be reached during the school day, even if that number is unlisted.  This is particularly important when emergencies occur.  If the number is unlisted, the office staff should be told so the number is only made available to authorized persons.  An emergency number is also needed.

    Please notify the office staff when changing address, telephone number or place of employment.



    Parents (and grandparents) are encouraged to become involved with the elementary school program. Parent volunteers are needed to help in the Learning Commons and in the classrooms either on a regular basis or as a resource for special activities.

    Our school's parent teacher organization offers opportunities to participate in programs and other special events.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact the PTO Chairperson for Volunteers.  Volunteer solicitations are available at class assignment day.



    White Knoll Elementary School operates as a PTO. Our plan is to elect officers and continue the wonderful events that we have always enjoyed in the past. Changing our organization to PTO will allow us to choose the number of meetings held each year and also the flexibility to decide whether or not we charge membership dues. By becoming a PTO, all membership dues, if collected would stay at the school level.  


    The evaluation of student achievement is one of the important functions of the teacher. Our students receive report cards every nine weeks.  

    Progress reports for students in kindergarten and first grade report on a child’s current level of performance and achievement as compared to national and state standards.  For students in Grades 2-12, the progress reports show the students’ actual numeric grades.


90-100          A

80-89            B

70-79            C

60-69            D

0- 59             F


     The Response to Intervention Team includes, but is not limited to a school psychologist, interventionist, administrator, guidance counselor, special education teacher, classroom teacher and parent.  The role of this team is to provide immediate support to teachers in dealing with individual students' social, emotional, and academic concerns. As required by law, this team functions as an intermediate step between the recognition of a concern by the classroom teacher and a formal referral for testing.

    The team meets as needed to discuss concerns, generate possible remedial action and recommend specific intervention strategies.  These strategies may include use of a parent volunteer, student tutor, change in instructional materials, preferential seating, modification of classroom materials, assignment to different instructional groups or remedial programs, or a behavior modification plan.  If satisfactory progress is not made, the team may refer the child for special testing and evaluation.


     White Knoll Elementary School is a Response to Intervention school.  Response to Intervention aims to prevent unnecessary assignment to special education. With RtI, low-performing children are offered intense, individualized academic intervention. Student progress is monitored to see if response to this intervention yields adequate academic growth.



    In accordance with legislation enacted by the General Assembly school fees are required of each student to defray the cost of expendable items such as student workbooks and consumable supplies.  

The following fee schedule is for the 2018-2019 school year.


Kindergarten        $6.00

Grades 1-5            $28.00


Additional Fees:

Kindergarten Snack Fee               $36.00

Gifted and Talented         $20.00 for third, fourth and fifth grades


    SIC is a great way to become involved at White Knoll Elementary School.  The purpose of the White Knoll SIC is to:


Assist in the preparation of the annual school improvement report including needs assessment, development of objectives and strategies, implementation and monitoring, and preparation of yearly assessment reports;

Provide advice and input on the use of school innovation funds as provided by the state;

Serve as a liaison between the school, school organizations, the community, and the local school board by collecting and disseminating information about school improvement;

Provide other assistance that the principal may request as well as carrying out other duties prescribed by the local school board.



     School Messenger is a telephone messaging system that will help us get a message to you quickly by telephone.  

     If your contact information changes please contact student records operator, Shelley Crossland. She can be reached at 821-4504.


    All students arriving after the 7:40 bell are considered tardy (school begins at 7:40). Exterior doors at the end of each hallway will be locked at 7:40 each morning.  Please make sure you enter the front of the building if you arrive after 7:40.  Students who arrive late must have a parent sign them in at the school office.  Students who are tardy should not be dropped off to enter the building alone. Parents are responsible for signing in children. If a student arrives in the office without a parent to sign them in, the student will be held in the office and the parent contacted to return to sign in the student.  This is for the safety and security of all of our students.  


If tardies become excessive, you will be asked to meet with a guidance counselor and administrator to create an attendance plan.


We really need your assistance with this.  When a child is tardy, it not only affects his/her start of the instructional day, but also the start of the day for all other students who are here on time ready to begin.


    At the beginning of the school year, parents must provide information to the school concerning transportation to and from school (bus, daycare van, or car) for his/her children.  If this plan changes (i.e., being picked up by grandparents) the homeroom teacher needs to be notified in writing that morning.  Children who are car riders will be issued a car rider number.  If you plan for your child to ride a bus other than his own regular bus (i.e., riding home with a friend) you must obtain clearance through the District Transportation Department (821-1353) before arrangements can be made.


    The priority of the District Transportation Department is to provide safe, timely transportation in a dependable, personalized and consistent manner.  The Transportation Office can be reached at 821-1353 if you have any questions.

Transportation Suspension

    In any disciplinary incident in which school bus safety is a concern a student may be temporarily suspended from the bus pending the result of a full investigation.  Investigation will normally be completed within 3 school days.


Bus Safety Rules:

*Respect driver

*Follow instructions at all times.

*Remain properly seated in your assigned seat at all times.

*Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

*Talk quietly

*No profanity, obscene language or gestures.

*No eating, drinking, chewing gum or tobacco products allowed.


Lexington County School District One’s Nondiscrimination Statement

Revised 06-28-2018

Lexington County School District One does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, genetic information or age in admission to, access to, treatment in or employment in its programs and activities.

The following people have been designated to handle inquiries or complaints. Chief Human Resources Officer Michael L. Stacey handles inquiries/complaints regarding Title IX, inquiries/complaints regarding Title II with respect to employees and/or public access to buildings and grounds, and inquiries/complaints involving the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Inquiries/complaints regarding IDEA for students K–12 go to Director of Special Services Wendy Balough, Ed.D. Inquiries/complaints regarding Section 504 for students K–12 go to 504 Coordinator Ann O’Cain. Inquiries/complaints regarding Title II implementation go to Coordinator of ESSA Title II Part A Hilary Morgan.

If you have questions regarding these issues, contact these people by mail at 100 Tarrar Springs Road, Lexington, SC 29072 or by telephone at 803-821-1000.