Name: ____________________________   Class:____________The Ultimate Guide to the President’s Video Questions

1789- Assume the Position

1. What type of government did most countries have at the end of the American Revolution?

(2 min 30 sec) _____________________________________________________________

2. How is the President chosen? (What is the Electoral College System?) (4 min 30 Sec)


3. Who was elected as the first President and who was elected as the first Vice-President?(6 min) ________________________________________________________________________

4. What were Washington’s advisors called? (7min 30 sec)______________________________

End First day @ 8min 30sec

5. What were President Washington’s work day hours? (11min) _________________________

6. True or False     When President Washington went to the Senate for advice on an Indian Treaty he was told they would get back to him later and would not talk about the matter with him.  Washington got mad and never went to the Senate floor again. (12min 30 sec)


7. Who convinced George Washington to run for re-election?

        a. John Adams

        b. Thomas Jefferson

        c. Martha Washington

        d. Benjamin Franklin

End Second day at 15:30

8. In order to stay out of the war between Great Britain and France, Washington issued a ___________________________________________ Proclamation. (16min 10sec)

9. True or False    Staying out of European wars became one of the most long lasting precedents set by the president.  (16min 40sec)

10. What did President Washington do to stop the Whiskey Rebellion? (18 min 5sec)

11. The ___________ Amendment made a two term limit on the Presidency. (19min 5sec)12. ____________________________ became the second president of the United States winning with 71 electoral votes while Thomas Jefferson finished with 68 votes. (20min 6sec)

13. Name ONE of the achievements that made John Adams qualified to become the president. (20min 57sec)

14. What were the Alien and Sedition Acts? (23min 16sec)

End day 3 @ 23min 55sec


15. Who does Adams lose re-election to? (Who is the third president of the U.S.) (25min) _____________________________________

16. Jefferson changed the title of the President from “His Majesty the President” to _________________________.  (26min 40sec)

17. What was Thomas Jefferson’s greatest accomplishment? (29 min)

End day 4 @ 31min 15sec


18. _________________________ became the 4th president of the United States. (31min 45sec)

19. True or False   Dolly Madison create the role of the First Lady. (32Min 33Sec)

20. List one way Madison prepared the country for the War of 1812? (34min 28sec)

21. How does the War of 1812 end? (36min 15sec) End day 5 @ 37min40 sec