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In his new book Fr Chris takes us on a profound, inner journey, helping us to unmask the many false notions we have absorbed about God and His mercy and convincingly showing us that God's love for us is so unconditional that we can never force him to stop loving us.  Where we are tempted to see only our own sinfulness and failures this book makes us more aware that God always sees His beloved son or daughter, who has been who has been wounded by sin and is in need of the medicine of His mercy.  He runs to embrace us.  In that embrace all our sins are forgiven, our dignity as sons and daughters of God is reaffirmed, and we are empowered to forgive others just as God has forgiven us.  We can become agents of God's forgiveness and bearers of Christ's peace

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Fr.Chris is an attentive reader of the human condition, and he brings to his reading a profound love of God and respect for people, a lovely combination which lights up every page of the book. This book is overflowing with Good News, so you might well have a new skip in your step when you read it.

(Denis McBride C.Ss.R.)

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Great teachers, like Jesus, use stories much more than mere concepts or principles to communicate their wisdom… Chris Thomas is a great teacher here! (Fr.Richard Rohr, OFM)


In the author’s words, if we dare to ‘open our hearts and minds to love that transforms and makes us real...metanoia will lead us to the more.’ I have no hesitation in warmly commending this excellent book - always provided the reader is willing to be challenged and changed!   (Charles Whitehead)


Fr Chris weaves together a biblical narrative with his experience of life.  He will help you to read the events of life differently, by sharing his own. (David Wells)