Choose the letter of the best answer. 

____ 1. What opened Kentucky to settlement? (2 points)

A. Northwest Territory

B. Wilderness Road

C. Land Ordinance of 1785

D. Northwest Ordinance

____ 2. Which of the following had the most power under the Articles of Confederation? (2 points)

A. the national government

B. the state governments

C. the Federalists

D. the Antifederalists

____ 3. Which important power did the national government lack under the Articles of

Confederation? (1 point)

A. levy taxes

B. sign treaties

C. issue money

D. All of the above

____ 4. Who created the Articles of Confederation?(1 point)

A. Confederation Congress

B. Federalists

C. Continental Congress

D. Antifederalists

____ 5. What best explains why Americans feared a strong national government? (2 points)

A. their experiences under earlier British rule

B. their experiences under state constitutions

C. their experiences under the Articles of Confederation

D. their experiences under the Continental Congress

____ 6. Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress had no power to tax. How did this weaken the national government? (1 point)

A. Congress had no way to borrow money.

B. Congress was unable to settle disputes between states.

C. Congress was unable to issue money because it had no income.

D. It made the national government dependent on the states for money.

____ 7.What major complaint motivated farmers to become involved in Shays's Rebellion? (1 point)

A. They were tired of taxation without representation in the British Parliament.

B. They felt that they were overtaxed by the state of Massachusetts because the state was paying off the Revolutionary War  debt to wealthy creditors in Boston.

C. They did not want the state of Massachusetts to belong to the union.

D. They wanted higher prices for their crops.

____ 8.Many people were alarmed about Shays's Rebellion, not so much because of the fear of the insurrection (rebellion)  itself but because: (1 point)

A. of the inability of government under the Confederation to maintain public order.

B. the rebellion was led by Daniel Shays with the blessing and support of General George Washington.

C. of the tens of thousands of farmers who participated in the rebellion.

D. the French sent troops to support the farmers participating in the rebellion.

____ 9.For the most part, the Declaration of Independence was written by: (3 points)

A.  Benjamin Franklin.

B. George Washington.

C. Thomas Jefferson.

D. John Locke


____ 10. Which of the following was a problem resulting from the weakness of the central government under the Articles of Confederation? (1 point)

A. The confederation government was so powerful it threatened individual liberty.

B. The confederation could not prevent the outbreak of civil war among the states over the issue of slavery.

C. The central government could not force state governments to contribute money to pay off the nation's war debt.

D. The state governments under the confederation were too weak.

Total of 15 points