Fall Soccer

September 5, 2016

CDS - Collaboration, Community and Success at Chadwick!


A big thank you!

Our first soccer event of the year was a wonderful success!  The students had a fantastic time playing soccer over the weekend, and there are several people who are responsible for making that happen.  Firstly, the students - we were so happy to see many students sign up and be interested in having fun and trying their best at soccer.  

The FP PTA Council (President, Room Reps, etc.) - thank you for your support, your organization and helping to make the day great.  The food was enjoyed by all, and the system of children being able to eat throughout the day is helpful to the coaches during a busy day.

Parents - thank you for coming out, cheering, supporting and having fun; that is what it is all about - if the parent community enjoys the events, then we see the event as an even greater success.  

Coaches - super job!  It’s all about how much fun the kids had, and this event brought out more smiles on the students’ faces than any previous event.  Great job, Mr. T, in organizing our participation in the event!  Each team saw excellent collaboration by its players, and teams were the most successful they’ve ever been.  

Finally, Ms. Heejin Park - thanks for all the organizing: uniforms, buses, player sign-ups, etc. - this is all the behind-the-scenes stuff that is absolutely necessary for a successful day.  

Take a breathe, and get ready for the next event; yes, just three weeks away, the FP Soccer - Fall Jamboree, on September 24th!  :)