Honors U.S. History & Geography

Teacher: Dr. Karen Kelley



Lapsanky-Werner, Levy, Roberts, Taylor & Wiggins. United States History: Post Reconstruction to the Present. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2015.

Materials Needed:                                                        

-Blue or black ink pens or pencils                                

-College ruled paper

-Either 1- 1 inch three ring binder OR 1 spiral notebook (small)

-Kleenex & Hand sanitizer are greatly appreciated


*All school and school board rules and policies will be implemented and followed in this classroom (including no food or drink allowed in the classroom).  Any student not abiding by such rules and policies (such as cell phones, dress code violations, tardies, etc.) will be turned in to the office.

*Extra help is available if a student needs it.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to ask for help if needed.

Course Overview:

Students will examine the causes and consequences of the Industrial Revolution and America’s growing role in world diplomatic relations, including the Spanish American War and World War I.  Students will study the goals and accomplishments of the Progressive movement and New Deal. Students will also learn about the various factors that led to America’s entry into World War II, as well as its consequences for American life. Students will explore the causes and course of the Cold War.  Students will study the important social, cultural, economic, and political changes resulting from the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War, and recent events and trends that have shaped modern day America. Additionally, students will learn the causes and consequences of contemporary issues impacting the world today. Students will continue to use skills for historical and geographical analysis as they examine American history since Reconstruction with special attention to Tennessee connections in history, geography, politics, and people. Students will continue to learn fundamental concepts in civics, economics, and geography within the context of United States history. The reading of primary source documents is a key feature of United States history standards. Finally, students will focus on current human and physical geographical issues important in contemporary America and the global society. Since this is an honors level course, it is writing intensive and includes a History Day project.

Course Objectives:


Couse Planner:

Unit 1- Reconstruction and Industrialization (1865-1914) - 11 days

Unit 2- Emergence of Modern U.S. (1890-1920) - 11 days

Unit 3- Prosperity & Depression (1919-1941) - 11 days

Unit 4- WWII & Postwar America (1931-1960) - 14 days

Unit 5- Challenges & Change (1945-1980) - 15 days

Unit 6- Changing & Enduring Issues (1980’s- Today) - 7 days

Videos: (not all will be viewed or viewed in its entirety)

Pearl Harbor, The Great Gatsby, Selma, Hip Hughes –YouTube clips, Forrest Gump, The Help, The Kennedy’s (series), Ken Burns- The Dust Bowl, The Roosevelts PBS series, Children’s March, All the President’s Men, The Butler, Kit Kittredge


Per Sevier County Board of Education policy, daily grades will count as two-thirds of a student’s final average while test grades will count as the final one-third.   Deductions will be made for unexcused absences and tardies.  US History has a 3 part TNReady exam which can be averaged into the final semester grade. Progress reports are distributed at the three week point of each six weeks grading period.

2/3 – Daily Grade                                1/3- Test Grade

-Vocabulary                                        - Unit exams                                        

-Chapter quizzes                                            - 6 weeks exams

-Analyzing text

- Individual/Group Projects

** For each unexcused absence students will lose 3 points off their daily grade.

** For each unexcused tardy students will lose 1 point off their daily grade.

*** Students are responsible for getting any missed work.

Staying Informed:

Progress Reports are issued after three weeks during each six-week grading period.  Parents: If you do not receive a progress report (or at any point would like to check on your child’s progress), please contact your child’s teacher at the school (774-5790) or by e-mail. Grades are also available online on Skyward gradebook. (Students have been given login information. Please ask your child for the username and password.) There is a link to Skyward Gradebook on the school website www.pfh.sevier.org

Parental Access to Instructional Materials:

Pursuant to Tennessee Code 49-6-7003, parents or guardians may request access to any teaching materials, instructional materials, and other teaching aids used in the classroom as well as any tests developed or graded by the teacher.  In order to facilitate this request, parents/guardians are asked to submit a request for such review via letter, email, or phone conversation prior to an established meeting for said review.

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