Musical Grapevine Guidelines

  1. Explain the format.
  2. Give “Oscar” to someone.
  3. Introduce your piece of music, explaining the link to the most recent piece of music on the program.
  4. Play 30secs of your music.
  5. Ask the person with “Oscar” to introduce their piece of music, and explain the link


  1. Having listened to a 30 second clip of music, the person with “Oscar” will introduce another piece of music explaining the link between the 2 pieces.
  2. The link could be …
  1. The Artist
  2. The Genre
  3. An Instrument
  4. A Lyric or the Song Title
  5. Or anything else
  1. If they cannot think of a link, they can pass “Oscar” on to the next person.
  2. The process continues until we run out of time.


  1. It may be best to start all music at about the 20 second mark, as some songs can have slow beginnings.
  2. Please do your best to keep this segment moving - a fast game is a good game.