#40 - Into the Nexus: “Title”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Dancing on the Stairs.

Stun bugs.


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Balancing Imbalances with John Hodgson

There are three main methods for identifying a balance problem in the game:

If all three factors are throwing up red flags, it’s time to react. Recently, we cut the Resurgence of the Storm Talent from the game, largely because the warning bells were going off everywhere: we felt something was wrong when we were playing it, we noticed it dictating which Heroes were considered “good”, we got tons of negative feedback about it, and lastly, statistics showed a near-universal high pick-rate across many skill levels!

There are two main ways to execute on a balance change: through tuning or redesign.


Better Murky Incoming

Trikslyr : “Murky is getting some love in a future patch. There are a few cool ideas being floated around internally that are being tested before we push them live. Can't provide any details, yet. But, as a fellow Murky player, I can say I'm excited to try them out with you.

For now, work on those Octograb combos and keep making use of that egg! Thanks for the feedback and feel free to continue sharing your thoughts.”


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BGRanger writes in to ITNcast@gmail.com

A friend and I recently got into a heated discussion during a quick match game on the garden map. He would always take control of the garden terror and go balls deep into their nearest fort to get the siege damage from it. Our team would sometimes try to follow, but not being very coordinated, he often ended up in their fort alone. He would quickly die as a result and would yell at our team for not being there with him. Another teammate responded saying he didn't know how to use the garden terror, which leads me to the question.

What is the proper way to use the garden terror? Is it more for siege damage or is it better to try to kill the hero team with it? I think that it would be more helpful to lay back from the fort and then move in once you have picked  off some of the heroes to get more total siege damage in but am I wrong?

We talked about Garden of Terror back on episode 15, but times have changed.

Team Liquid’s Garden Terror Guide

The three abilities:

Other Notes



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I was wondering what heroes you would like to have added to the game. My number 1 would be Edwin Vancleef as a pure rogue hero with shadowstep and backstab.

I'd also like to see all the classes from wow represented at least once.

Love the show.

Edwin Vancleef : Defias Kingpin


Q : Primary Damage/ Primary Heal

W : Secondary Damage/ Area Effect/ Summon Minion

E : Escape/ Evasion/Stun/Movement

R1:  Offensive

R2 : Defensive

Trait :

VanCleef is the last boss of the Deadmines instance in Westfall, which is best attempted at level 18 or above. He can be somewhat challenging for a new group that is not well equipped, as he summons other Defias to help him at 50 and 25%. For a low level instance, the loot he drops is very good, especially Cruel Barb, which is a highly sought after one-handed sword for Rogues and Warriors. Also, Deadmines is probably one of the funnest instances in the game, so I would always recommend going to fight VC. This is one of the earlier instances you should not skip if you are Alliance.

For those who don't know, the Defias were the stonemasons of Stormwind who repaired when it was ruined by the orcs. When VanCleef and the stonemasons asked for reward for their troubles the nobles of Stormwind turned them away. Because of this, VanCleef started the Defias, a group of outlaws against Stormwind to commend past wrongs against them, and get the pay they so rightly deserved. I totally agree with Solander, I think the Defias are the 'goodguys' here.

Builds Combo Points

Spends Combo Points

Traits or Ultimates

Other Signatures







Last night a group of 5 of us on voice chat were playing some quick matches and we had the crazy idea.... What would happen if we all went support. We did and it was freakin fun! Our goal was to get 1 Takedown. We played on garden of terror and wasted the other team. I don't know if this was just a fluke or if we were really on to something here. Me and my group still have some more testing to do, but I feel like this play style could change the Quick Match Meta.

Thanks for the show!

Mohamed from Sweden

Hey guys,

I just want to thank you for a great show! I Love listening to you every friday on the subway on my way to work. Keep up the good work!

What do you think of Tyrande? I really like her, not a great support healer but heals decent with Healing Ward and does quite good dmg and speccing the Owl witdth and damage can be useful in many situations! Would be nice hearing you discuss her on the show.


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