Gorean Feature

TheKaz Grid features a 16 Sim Continent for Gorean Development

While combat is not yet possible, we are looking for roleplayers, builders and scripters to populate and develop this continent.

What you see below is FAR FROM FINISHED - its just a start.

Below are some pictures and comments of some sims in this Continent

Kireina Samurai Outlaws

This is my own Build based on my Sim in Secondlife - the Group is an Outlaw Combat group with origins in Pani Culture

In SL the group and sim closed in 2014 and was quite successful


Panther Sim

This sim is a Forest Panther sim.

Presently there are no gates, doors or huts etc etc but who knows when the wild women will move in


Port Village

In every Gorean World must be some ports.  Some buildings, a harbor with a ship and some trees - lovely setting.


Rumors & Secrets

Built by the infamous Juli Velde, this sim is a Panther sim with rocks, trees, rivers, etc etc.  The picture you see is the landing point.  This is a place for wild women.