#170 - Into the Nexus: “Reaping the Benefits”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

8/2 placements. Diamond 3 is back! As the highest placement it is a sea of pros, masters and grandmasters.

Placement sightings:

Since then, more and more Malthaels. Illidan and Genji players seem to be preferring him and they go very hard.

Been attempting to be a Quick Match hero this week on Malthael. However he feels very weak in the Quick Match setting.


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Malthael Patch is Here!

No balance changes from PTR to live. 






Level 20 Talents


Some Oddities in the Nexus

Mid-Season Brawl

NA needs to take a bow

After all the smack talk NA made an impressive showing. Roll20 surprised and delighted by taking a game off MVP Black, and 2-0’ing DeadlyKittens and Super Perfect Team (twice!).

Tempo Storm onto DreamHack

The analysts made the story write itself yesterday with only Fan believing in Tempo Storm. But Tempo brought their A-game going into this best-of-1 tiebreaker against Soul Torturers on Dragonshire. Towards the 10 minute mark Tempo started controlling the map and the course of the game. They did not relinquish control at any point either. Watch at the 15 minute mark as Cattle, after dropping the 2nd Keep of the game, denies what looked to be a sure kill for Soul Torturers thanks to obnoxiously perfect Chen control and the full support of his team assisting his escape. Jun did drop shortly after, but at the cost of 4 members of Soul Torturers.

Bittersweet Victory

While both Roll20 and Tempo Storm were able to stay in  it, they are both in the bottom of their Groups moving on to the playoffs at DreamHack. What’s most sad about it is that when the loser’s bracket starts up this weekend, Tempo Storm and Roll20 will be facing off against one another from the get go. While this guarantees we’ll get to root for a home team for at least two rounds, it also guarantees that only one North American team will have a chance this weekend.

BlizzCon Rematch

Fnatic and MVP Black faced off again during the Group Stage. This is the first time these teams met again since the upset at BlizzCon last year where Fnatic defeated MVP Black. Okay, now that I’ve said that this was probably the biggest let down of the MSB so far. Some very questionable drafts on the side Fnatic. Analysts mentioned that Fnatic said they were going to be holding some strats back and Fnatic were guaranteed to move on to DreamHack by this point anyway. MVP Black were most likely out for blood anyway having dropped their only game that day to Roll20. But whatever the reason, still bummed me out.


Shout out to UltraJante on Twitter who recommended L5 VS Dignitas. Game 2 was one of the most incredible things I’ve seen during the MSB.

DreamHack this Saturday

We’re in the middle of our two-day breather now. Things pick back up this Saturday at DreamHack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden.

Hero Trends

Stat Notes: All inclusive rates.

Most Ban


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Immortal Racing and You!

Battlefield of Eternity drafting.

Should be pretty short. More about keeping everyone honest.

First Immortal:

The Heck No pile!

Mid Game

Late Game





One of the key things you stated, which was obvious after you stated it, was to not dive too frequently with an auto attack build Illidan.  Due to the resultant loss in DPS.  I was wondering if there are other things like this that might be obvious to your keen eye, but us laymen don't see until it’s brought to our attention?


First time writing in!

Sometimes I want to switch things up and make it feel like I'm playing a different type of game, while still playing Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes like Muradin and Valla feel rather straight-forward MOBA heroes.  However, Probius and Zagara for example, really switch things up for me.  Playing as Nova feels like I'm in a different dimension from everyone else in a match.

My question is: which heroes do you think feel the most different, leading to the most diversity in gameplay?  Which heroes do you switch to when you get bored with the more straight-forward heroes?


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