Butterflies en Mexico by Mariposa Project

Policies and Procedures

Subject:  Partnership

Effective Date:

Policy Section:  Programming

Supersedes Policy and Procedure No: None

P & P No: 4

Approved on: 12-18-14, 2-24-16, 10-04-16  

Approved by: Board of Directors

PURPOSE:  To solicit and categorize groups and individuals interested or involved in a project and clearly define how their efforts are considered when making decisions.


PROCEDURE: All four elements listed below are needed to consider the relationship a Partnership or a collaboration of efforts  Final decisions will be made by partners.


Affiliates  - work with BeM/MP in 1 way of the above

Sponsors - work with BeM/MP in 2 of the 4 ways above

Supporters – work with BeM/MP in 3 of the 4 ways above

Partnership - work with BeM/MP in 4 of the 4 ways above

1. Communications – Provide one individual who will be the primary contact for:1) use of Internet (and other electronic devices) or face-to-face meetings to assure all parties are in agreement in order to be connected and have a meaningful relationship with each other 2) being aware that there will be times when there is disagreement and have the willingness to share honestly about the relationship 3) furnish ideas and thoughts to bring about results.

2. Cooperation – 1) work with each other in a harmonious manner to organize and solicit groups and individuals for the project. 2) assist to seek help from individuals with talents or abilities needed.

3. Coordination-In kind support 1) provide willingness to work together and share responsibilities with clear lines of who will do what and when


4. Contribution   Financially gives to a common fund, or provided funding for a particular project.

THINGS THAT NEED ACCOMPLISHING PRIOR TO P&P IMPLEMENTATION: Meeting and discussion with each interested party prior to introducing the group or individual to others interested in the same project to assure the group or individual is aware of the policy.

EVALUATION: bi-annual.