acquisitive desire and longing

sacrificial giving

upward movement

comes down

man’s way to God

God’s way to man

man’s effort

God’s grace

assumes salvation is man’s own work

salvation is the work of Divine Love

egocentric love

unselfish love

a form of self-assertion of the highest, noblest kind

seeks not its own, it gives itself away

seeks to gain its life, a divine immortalized life

lives the life of God, therefore dares to lose life

the will to get and possess, which depends on want and need

freedom in giving, which depends on wealth and plenty

primarily man’s love-- God is the object

primarily God’s love; God is Agape

even when it is attributed to God, eros is patterned on human love

even when it is attributed to man, agape is patterned on Divine love

determined by the quality, the beauty, the worth of its object

sovereign in relation to its object and is directed both to the evil and the good

not spontaneous, but evoked, motivated

spontaneous, overflowing, unmotivated

recognizes value in its object and loves it

loves and creates value in its object